The Welcome Dashboard Overview

The Welcome Dashboard provides an overall perspective and data about call volume as well as productive users. If you require more comprehensive data you would need to use Report.

The Welcome Dashboard act as the home screen for Analytics. You will always return here from any other menu. On the top right corner of the dashboard you have the Logout button, which you will not find in any other Analytics menu.



On the top left you have the Analytics Menu button. For information about the Analytics menu items and choices you can refer to the Getting Started and an Overview article of Analytics here



Getting started with the the Welcome Dashboard, you will initially select a date range for the data to be displayed. Select it by clicking on the Calender icon just below the Logout button. Here you will select from Today, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, and Last Year. You can also select a Custom date rangesimply by clicking on any two days in the two calenders shown (no need to select Custom first).




As soon as you select a date range Analytics will do some number crunching and display the relevant data for the date range. On the top you will see four data fields listing the number of Incoming, Outgoing, and Missed calls for all groups in the date range.

You can also see the total number of Groups Calls which are a sum of all incoming, outgoing, as well as internal calls. 



Just below it is the Recent Call Activity chart displaying a visual representation of inbound and outbound call volume over the selected date range. You can easily select to hide either by clicking on Inbound Calls or Outbound Calls. The disc icon next to them will become hollow and the respective chart will be hidden. Click again to make it unhidden. You can can only hide only one of the charts at a time.



Hover your mouse pointer anywhere along the chart to display exacts details about the calls count at a particular date.




The mini-menu on the top right side of the chart’s window allows you to select a Time Frame within the selected date range. The content of the menu depends on your date range selection. For example, if your date range is set to Today than your time frame will offer a choice to set the chart to show the last hour, the last six hours, or the entire twenty-four hours. Similarly if you selected a date range of Last Year than your time frame choices will be the last month, the last six months or the entire year.


Lastly at the bottom are the High Volume windows with both specific numbers and relative percentage of High Volume Phone Numbers, High Volume Groups, and High Volume Users.  The Phone numbers and Users have two entries each, one for inbound and one for outbound calls, while the Groups only list the total number of calls.


The mini-menus on the top right corner of each windows are very simply, allowing you to merely choose how many rows of information are to be displayed. Anywhere from one to six. 


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