PBX Manager

The PBX Manager offers advanced administrators all the tools for setting up and controlling the PBX system. For a fast and more efficient deployment, a lot of the initial setup of a company's PBX system is actually handled by Telebroad. But administrators can still utilize the PBX Manager for implementing some of the more complex features requested by users.

Some of the operations that can be handled in the PBX Manager include:

  • Activating call recording for users with an option to email recordings to the administrator.

  • Setting up scheduled conference lines with password protection.

  • Backup options for all recordings, announcements, voicemails etc.

  • Feature codes administration.

  • Creating and applying Hunt Groups.

  • Setting up the main and alternative IVR menus.

  • Managing telephone lines, users, and mailboxes.

  • Creating automatic routing paths.

  • Creating and managing queues.

  • Providing privileges for remote access.

  • Organizing the library of audio announcements.

  • Creating and applying schedules.

  • Creating and handling virtual calling cards.

Additionally the PBX Manger has some basic statistical reporting features, similar to Telsbroad's Analytics, and calls and queues management features, similar to the ACD Panel. There is also an option to make calls and send faxes directly from the PBX manager.

Additional services, system upgrades, rate plans modifications, licenses, and even some hardware can be ordered directly from the PBX Manager.

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