Parking a Call

You can use call park feature to place a call on hold and then retrieve it from another phone in the system (for example, a phone in another office or conference room). 

You can park an active call by pressing a configurable call park key on the phone.  If the call is parked successfully, the response is either a voice prompt confirming that the call was parked, or a visible prompt on the LCD screen.

  If the parked call is not retrieved within a period of time assigned by the system, the phone that performed call parking will receive a call back.

To configure a call park key via phone user interface:

  • Press Menu>Features>DSS Keys.

  • Select the desired DSS key.

    (DSS Keys include both like keys and programmable keys. You can assign various functions to the later, which is what we are doing here.)

  • Press    or    or the Switch soft key to select Key Event from the Type field.

  • Press    or   ,  or the Switch soft key to select Call Park from the Key Type field.

  •  Press    or   ,  or the Switch soft key to select the desired line from the Account ID field.

  • (Optional) Enter the string that will appear on the LCD screen in the Label field.

  •  Enter the call park code in the Value field.

  • Press the Save soft key to accept the change or the Back soft key to cancel.

To use call park:

  • When you receive (or make) a call on your phone that you want to take on another phone, press the DSS key you configured above.

  • Find an available phone to take the call and dial the line you designated above for the parking function.

  • Enter the call park code.

  •  The system establishes a connection to the parked call.

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