Parking a Call

You can use call park feature to place a call on hold, and then retrieve the call from another phone in the system (for example, a phone in another office or conference room). 

To illustrate this:

  • User on phone A places a call to phone B.

  • User on phone A wants to take the call in a conference room for privacy, and so presses the call park key on phone A.

  • User on phone A walks to an available conference room where the phone is designated as phone C.

    The user dials the call park retrieve code to retrieve the parked call. The system establishes call between phone C and B.

You can park an active call by pressing a configurable call park key on the phone.  If the call is parked successfully, the response is either a voice prompt confirming that the call was parked, or a visible prompt on the LCD screen.

  If the parked call is not retrieved within a period of time assigned by the system, the phone that performed call parking will receive a call back.

To configure a call park key via phone user interface:

  • Press Menu>Features>DSS Keys.

  • Select the desired DSS key.

    (DSS Keys include both like keys and programmable keys. You can assign various functions to the later, which is what we are doing here.)

  •  Press Left or Right , or the Switch soft key to select Key Event from the Type field.

  • Press Left or Right , or the Switch soft key to select Call Park from the Key Type field.


  •  Press Left or Right , or the Switch soft key to select the desired line from the Account ID field.

  • (Optional) Enter the string that will appear on the LCD screen in the Label field.

  •  Enter the call park code in the Value field.

  • Press the Save soft key to accept the change or the Back soft key to cancel.

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