Lines View and Calls View

Lines View

Lines view (shown next) is your phone’s default display. Lines view displays your phone line(s), your favorites, and soft keys. 


If your phone is idle, you can press a line key to access the Dialer.

If your phone has calls, the phone line indicates the number of calls you have, and if they’re active or held. If the phone line has an active call, the call color is medium grey, as shown next. If the phone line has one or more held calls, the call color is light grey, as shown next.

The number of total calls is shown above the calls. To select a call, use the Up and Down arrow keys.


Calls View

The calls view displays any time you have at least one active or held call. If your phone has multiple lines, calls display under the associated line. Use the up and down arrow keys to see all your calls.

Call color indicates status:

  • Medium grey—Active call
  • Dark grey—Incoming call

  • Light grey—Held call


Use the Up and Down arrow keys to highlight a call. Press the Hold, End Call, Transfer, or More soft keys to apply a function to the highlighted call.

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