Conference Call

You can create a conference with two parties by dialing them or you can create a conference between an active call and a call on hold.

The SIP-T48G IP phone supports up to 3 parties (including yourself) in a conference call.

To set up a local conference call:

  • Place a call to the first party.

  • When the first party answers the call, tap the Conference soft key to place a new

  • The active call is placed on hold.

  • Enter the number of the second party and press    or   ,  or tap the Conference soft key.

  • When the second party answers the call, tap the Conference soft key again to join all parties in the conference.

To join two calls into a conference:

  • Place two calls using two different accounts on the phone (for example, place the first call using account 1, and then place the second call using account 2).

  • Tap the desired call for conference and ensure that the call is active (for example,tap the call on account 1).

  • Tap the Conference soft key to join the two calls in the conference on the selected account.

During the conference call, you can do the following:

  • Press    or tap the Hold soft key to place the conference call on hold.

  • Tap the Split soft key to split the conference call into two individual calls.

  • Tap    to remove the desired party.

  • Press    to mute the conference call, all other participants can hear each other, but they cannot hear you.

  • Tap    to mute the party. The muted party can hear everyone, but no one can hear the muted party.

  • Tap the EndCall soft key to drop the conference call.

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