Listening to Voicemail

When receiving a new voice mail, the phone will play a warning tone and the power indicator LED will slow flash red. The touch screen will prompt receiving a new voice mail with the number of waiting voice mails (e.g., New Voice Mail(1)) and a tape icon on the top:

If the voice mail pop-up message box disappears, it won't pop up again unless the user receives a new voice mail or the user re-registers the account that has unread voice mail(s).

Before listening to voice mails, make sure the voice mail access code has been configured!

To configure voice mail access codes via phone user interface:

  • Tap Menu->Message->Set Voice Mail.

  • Enter the voice mail access code (e.g., *88) in the desired account field.

    You can tap the IME soft key to select the proper input mode.

  • Tap the Save soft key to accept the change or Back to cancel.

To listen to the voice mails:

  • When the touch screen prompts that the phone receives a new voice mail, you can press the Messages key or taps Connect to dial out the voice mail access code.

    You can also tap the tape icon on top when the phone is idle to open the dialog box, and then tap Connect.

  • Follow the voice prompt to listen to voice mails.

To view the voice mail via phone user interface:

  • Tap Menu->Message->View Voice Mail.

  • The touch screen displays the amount of new and old voice mails for each account.

  • Tap an account to listen to voice mails.

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