Cordless Phones

Cordless SIP phones (that work with a VoIP network) offer the convenience of being able to step away from your office desk. They are a good choice for people who prefer talking into a hanset over using wireless headphones. 

Cordless phones can plug directly into a computer, a setp up in which only one user can use them. But to really exapand on their usability they should be plugged into a network or using a base station, allowing for multiple accounts and handsets to be used (extra handsets need to be bought seperatly). 

Notice in the comparisson table that in addition to the number of handsets a phone supports, there is also a feature of different phone numbers. In most cases you would want a seperate phone number for every handset, but there is also an option to share numbers a mong several workes.

VSP 600 ErisTerminal

Base Station
Additional cordless Handset
Phone numbers / accounts
Siumltanous calls
Maximum Network speed
100 Mbps
100 Mbps
Handset talk time per charge
5 hours
7 hours
Battery type
2 AAA rechargeable
2.4V Rechargeable
Additional handset model
VSP 601

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