Simultaneous Ringing

Modern hectic office environments require employees to be constantly on the move and shift between their desk, meetings, conferences, and attending clients. When expecting important calls employees need a feature that will free them to move around instead of being tied down to their desks.

Call forwarding is one way to handle this situation, but if the employee forgets to turn it off he may end up forwarding a call to an office extension where he is no longer present and completely miss the call.

Simultaneous ringing is an enhanced form of call forwarding that is meant to handle such a situation. Instead of specifying a number to forward a call to, the employee can configure a  list of several forwarding numbers.  When a call comes in, all the numbers on the list will ring simultaneously in addition to the employee’s regular extension. The employee can answer the call wherever it rings, and the moment he does it will stop ringing on the other numbers.

If unanswered the call will be sent to voicemail after a set number of simultaneous rings. The employees can also send the call to voicemail with a push of a button should he find himself unable to answer it.

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