Making Calls and Call Screen Options

To make a call tap the Dial Pad button at the bottom of the screen.

The caller ID that you selected in the General Settings is displayed at the top (Unknown, in the example shown here, hiding your number from the receiver). 

The Dial Pad screen is also accessible from other screens where you either see the call icon    or from the More menu.

The Dial Pad screen is very straightforward. Simply dial the phone number you wish to call and tap the phone icon to initiate the call.

Call Screen Options

When you make or receive a call you will be presented with the call screen options.

Tap the red phone icon to end the call.

Tap Mute to silence the microphone on your end, so the person you are talking with cannot hear you.

Tap Dialpad to display a dial pad screen, useful for calling extensions or making a selections from phone menus.

On the dial pad screen itself tap Hide to return to the call screen.

Tap Speaker to activate or deactivate the phone's internal speaker.

Tap Switch to switch between using VoIP - with your TeleConsole's number, or your mobile number - in case you are experiencing connectivity issues with VoIP. When you make the switch the Telebroad server will call your mobile phone. Once you pick up, it will finish connecting the call.

If you have not entered your mobile number in the settings, you will be prompted to first enter it before the switch can be performed.

Tap Hold to place the call on hold. The person you are talking with will hear background music.

Tap Hold again to resume the call.

Tap Transfer to transfer the call to another contact.

You can enter the transfer number directly on a a dial pad or tap the Contacts or Call Logs tabs and select a number from there.

Tap New Call to connect to another person while the existing call is put on hold. You can dial the new person or select one from Contacts or Call Logs. The numbers for both calls will show at the top of the screen and you can tap each to switch between them.

Tap Record to make a recording of the conversation and save it locally on your device.

Tap Conference to connect two calls in a conference with you. For this to work you need to have at least two active calls by using the New Call button. Then choose the call to conference with between yourself, the currently active call, and one of the calls on hold.  

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