Conference Call

Setting Up Conference Calls

There are two ways to set up a conference: the conventional way - by calling two people and using the Confrnc soft key, or by joining two existing calls using the Join soft key.

To set up a conference call conventionally:

  • Call the first person.

  • From Lines or Calls view, press the More soft key and then Confrnc soft key. The active call is held.

  • Using the Dialer, call the second person.

  • When the second person answers, press More and then Confrnc soft keys to join everyone in a conference.

  • The "Active: Conference" screen displays.


To set up a conference call by joining existing calls:

  • This work if your phone has an active call and one held call on the same or a different line.

  • press More soft key and then Join soft key from either Lines or Calls view.

  • The conference will be to automatically created between the two calls.

    It will take place on the line from which you handled the last active call.

Holding and Resuming Conference Calls

When you place a conference call on hold, you place the other two people in the call on hold. No one in a held conference call can hear each other. To hold just one person, see Managing Conference Call Participants below.

To hold or resume a conference call:

  • From Lines or Calls view, press Hold soft key.

    If you’re in Calls view, be sure to highlight the conference first.  The following example shows a held conference in Calls view.


  • When you are ready to resume the conference press the Resume soft key from either Lines or Calls view.

Ending Conference Calls

To end a conference, and your connection to the other people, press the End Call soft key from either Lines or Calls view.

By default, when you press End Call, the other two people remain connected. However, your system administrator may have set up your phone so that all connections end.

Splitting Conference Calls into Two Held Calls

When you split a conference, you end the conference and place the other two people on hold. You can split an active or held conference call.

To split a conference call press the Split soft key from either Lines or Calls view.

Managing Conference Call Participants

If your phone is set up to manage the people in a conference call, you can:

  •  Mute a participant.

  •  Hold a participant.

  • Remove a participant from the conference.

  • List information about a participant, such as the participant’s name, number, and call details—such as whether the call is muted, held, or is video-enabled.

To manage a person in a conference call:

  • Set up an active conference call.

  • From Active Call, Lines, or Calls view, press the Manage soft key.

    If you’re in Calls view, be sure to highlight the conference first.


  • Use the up and Down arrow keys to highlight the person you want to manage.

    •  Press Far Mute to mute the person. The muted person can hear everyone, but no one can hear the muted person.

    • Press Hold to hold the person. The held person can’t hear anyone, and no one can hear the held person.

    • Press Remove to remove the person from the conference, end the conference call, and create an active call between you and the person still in the call.

    • Press Info to view information about the person and their call status. A popup frame will display the person’s information. You can navigate through the popup with the Up and Down arrow keys.


    •  Press Back to exit the conference management function.

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