Profile - Password, DND, and Documents

To access and modify your profile tap the menu icon on the top left corner. 

The menu icon is available from any TeleConsole screen. 

Tap Log Out at the bottom to exit your account.

Being logged in to your account doesn't necessarily imply that that your SIP phone line is registered with the Telebroad server. Your SIP line has its own logging credentials. You don't need to worry about those. But if you see the words "Not Registered" under your name and number simply tap them and the line will get registered.

Do Not Disturb

Toggle Do Not Disturb on if you temporarily can't be bothered to answer calls. 

When activated, your TeleConsole calls will go directly to voicemail. 

Also, fellow agents from your company will see Do Not Disturb next to your name in their contacts, advising them not to initiate calls with you.

Note that this has no effect on calls to your mobile number. It only stops calls to your TeleConsole number. Do Not Disturb for your mobile number need to be setup separately and depends on your version of Android. Usually you will find it in the Quick Settings menu that is accessed by swiping from the top of your phone.

The reverse is also true. Enabling Do Not Disturb for your mobile phone has no effect on calls to your TeleConosle account.

The Edit Profile Screen

Tap the Edit Profile button to change your name, email, or password. Tap SAVE when you finished making any changes.

To change your profile picture, tap the Camera Icon   and select a new picture from the gallery.

The other fields here are rather self explanatory. 

When changing your password you must re-enter it in the Confirm Password field to avoid typos. You can tap the visibility icon  to show the passwords as you type them.  

If you change your email and you use your email as your user name when signing in, you would need to contact us to set you up with a new login password.


Tapping the Documents button will take you to a screen where you can see all the files associated with your account. 

In addition to message documents, there is also a Logs folder containing records about the ongoing operation of the mobile TeleConsole app. 

The advantage of examining messages from here is that they are grouped by types. So, for example, you can focus only on your voicemails or faxes. 

If you tap any message file it will open in a separate screen.  On a voicemail tap the Play button     to play or pause the message.

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