Call History

Call History is a chronological log of the calls you made, received, or did not answer.

Access it by tapping the Call History button at the bottom of the screen,  which is available from anywhere in the TeleConsole.

Call history logs are also available when you transfer or add a call. See the Call Screen options for more details.  

Tap the menu on the top-right to select what calls to display - All Calls, Outgoing Calls, Incoming Calls, or Missed Calls

Tap the magnifying glass icon to search the call history records. You can enter either names or numbers in the search field.

Each call record has the caller ID of the caller (if available, otherwise just his number), his number and the date or time of the call. Visually the calls are marked as follows:

INCOMING - calls you received
Left pointing green arrow
OUTGOING - calls you made
Right pointing green arrow

MISSED - calls you didn't answer
Red arrow

Tap any call any you will see options to call, SMS, or fax the caller. The caller's number will automatically be inserted in the recipient field of the relevant screen. 

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