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The Calls Screen – Call and Conference Options

The Call Screen

When you make or receive a call you will be presented with the call options screen. If you change to any other TeleConsole screen or any other app you can return to this screen by tapping its call notification (see below.)

Switching Calls

If you have more than one call in progress you will see the active and held call at the top of the screen. Switch to a held call by placing the active call on hold and tapping the held call.

Call Options

The call options available on the call screen are:

  •   will hang up the call. If you have an active call and a call on hold, only the active call will end and the held call will become active.

  •    –  will mute the microphone on your end so the person you are talking with cannot hear you.

  •   –  will display the dial pad, useful for calling extensions or making selections from phone menus. On the dial pad screen tap Hide to return to the call screen.

  • – will activate the speaker so you don't have to hold your device next to your ear while talking. Tap it again to deactivate the speaker.

  • – will switch to your mobile number (and vice-versa) in case you are experiencing connectivity issues with VoIP. When you make the switch the Telebroad server will call your mobile phone. Once you pick up, it will finish connecting the call.

    If you have not entered your mobile number in the settings, you will be prompted to first enter it before the switch can be performed. Check the Save as device number? box to save your mobile number for future calls.

  • will place the call on hold. The person you are talking with will hear background music. Tap Hold again to resume the call.

    If you have two held calls, you can merge them into a conference (see below.)

  • – will transfer the call to another contact.

    You can enter the transfer number directly on the DIAL PAD or tap the CONTACTS tab and select a number from there. If a contact has more than one phone number all will be made available for selection at the bottom of the screen when you tap the contact.

  • – will place a new call while the existing call is put on hold. Enter a number on the DIAL PAD or select one from the CONTACTS tab. Both dialed calls will show at the top of the screen and you can tap each to make it active and place the other one on hold.

  •   will record the conversation and save it locally on your device in the Android/Data/Com.Telebroad.teleconsole/files folder.

  •     will create a conference between yourself and two other parties. See more details below.

Call Options in the Notification Drawer

Three call options are also available as a notification for quick access while using other apps.

While a call is in progress, swipe down from the top of your screen to access the notification drawer (if the notification doesn't already appear on the screen) and tap    on the relevant call notification (if you don't see the button just swipe down on the notification) to reveal the option to Hang up the call, put it on Speaker, or put it on Hold. Tapping the notification will take you to the TeleCosnole's call screen options above.

Conference Call

A conference call can be created in two ways:

  • Creating a conference by adding a call: During a call, you can select    from the call options to create a conference. The conference window will let you call the third party using either a dial pad or by selecting a contact.

  • Creating a conference by merging a held call: If you have a held call and an active call in progress, the Conference button will change to  . Tap it to merge the two calls to a conference call involving you and the two other parties.

If established successfully, "Conference" will appear at the top of the screen in place of the active and held calls.  

While the conference is in progress, the   button is disabled. To end the conference you have to use the split button instead (see next.)

Splitting a Conference Call

When a conference is in progress the Conference button will change to  . Tap it to split the conference into two calls. You will get the option to stay (keep talking) with one of the participants while the other is placed on hold. You can also choose to place both participants on hold.