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Call Forwarding and Scheduled Forwarding

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding allows you to route calls to a designated number, letting you receive calls even when away from your desk.


The feature is very flexible and has various options. You can forward calls to external numbers or internal extensions. You can forward calls to multiple numbers in a sequence or have several numbers ring at once. You can also forward calls only from specific contacts or automatically to your voicemail (which, in turn, can be emailed to you with Telebroad's Voicemail to Email feature).

Call forwarding can be activated directly from any version of the TeleConsole or from your desk phone. For the later you can use either the phone's own forwarding function or a dial code

Read more about Call Forwarding here.

Scheduled Forwarding

Scheduled Forwarding is an enhancement of basic call forwarding. It assumes some users would need to forward calls only during certain times. Scheduled forwarding saves them the hassle of having to enable and disable forwarding on a daily basis. 

A common example would be a user who accepts calls on his office phone between 9:00AM-5:00PM (without any forwarding enabled.) Between 5:01PM and 9:30PM he would have scheduled forwarding route calls to his mobile phone. And from 9:31PM-8:59AM he would have scheduled forwarding route calls to his office voicemail, as to not be disturbed. 

Schedules can be set to work on a daily cycle or contain conditions to make them tailored to a user's specification, like a condition that disables the schedule on weekends or another that forwards a call to voicemail if the call has not been answered. 

Learn how to set up Scheduled Forwarding.

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