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What Is a PBX and How It Can Improve Your Business?

A Private Branch Exchange is private telephone network that acts as an internal switchboard providing your workers with effective internal and external communication (the later is facilitated by a connection to the public switchboard.)


The main advantages of a PBX is improved internal communication. Compared to having a setup with different separate phone lines, workers can easily dial each other using short extensions or internal lines instead of full phone numbers. Workers can also share lines for making calls. Since no public switchboard is used these internal calls are essentially free of charge. A traditional PBX system, however, does require expensive switchboard hardware, phone lines wiring, and ongoing maintenance. 

Modern PBX systems (known as IP PBX) use the Internet Protocol to handle communication with an existing broadband infrastructure. Telebroad PBXcellent is such an example of an Internet Telephony PBX system. The system is completely cloud based and all communication is performed using Telebroad's TeleConsole software (available in web, Windows/macOS, or mobile versions), softphones applications, or by use of physical IP phones that can be purchased separately.

With PBXcellent there is no need to buy and maintain any hardware reducing its cost to a fraction of the price of a traditional PBX system and making it much simpler to install and maintain. PBXcellent other prominent advantages are that phone lines can be easily rerouted without physically moving them and that it can unify your entire enterprise with one communication system. Even when not all staff members are located under one roof; working from home, other offices, or are on the road; they can still all use the same system and contact each other with PBXcellent extensions and lines. The system can also be to customized to suit your organization's needs, and be expanded organically as it grows.

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