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How to Access Voicemails Remotely? – Five Options

If you are expecting to be away from your office phone we offer a variety of methods to access to your voicemail remotely:

  • TeleConsole mobile apps: This is the easiest and most obvious method. Just install the Android or iOS version of the TeleConsole on your mobile device to get direct access to you voicemail messages(as well as SMS/MMS and eFaxes).

  • Running the TeleConsole from a browser: If you prefer not to install the TeleConsole mobile apps you can still run the TeleConsole from a web browser on your mobile device or an available computer that you trust.

    The URL to access the web version of the TeleConsole is app.telebroad.com/.

    If you are trying to access your account from a mobile browser you may get a message telling you you are using the wrong operating system. Simply go to the browser's menu and select Desktop site (or a similar option). Refresh the page and you will be able to sign in to your account.

  • Dialling an access code: You can access your voicemails from any telephone by dialling an access code, as explained here. This access code is tested with the telephones we sell and support. If your phone is not supported or if you need some special access (such as for bypassing your IVR) we can usually set up a different code for you.

  • By "Voicemail to Email" or a call notification: The web TeleConsole Notifications option (under Voicemail settings) allow you to get emails with MP3 file attachments of new voicemails or a phone call to a number of your choice informing you about a new voicemail with an option to listen to it.

    Note that the Notification option on the iOS or Android versions of the TeleConole let you select what notification will appear on the device where the app is installed. Only the web version provides settings for remote notifications!

  • R.E.S.T API Requests: If you are an advance user or want to get more system information about voicemails you can use two related API requests GET/voicemail and GET/voicemail/file.

    If you plan on using these requests frequently you can save these requests to a REST API client app that will allow you to run them with one click or tap.

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