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Sound & Devices, Downloads Manager, Active Calls

Three buttons appear at the top of the screen next to your account details:  Sound & Devices quick menu, – Downloads Manager, and Active Calls.

The Download Manager is only available on the desktop versions. It will not show until you download your first file.

The Active Calls button only appears when there are ringing or active calls and only when you are not on the Calls Screen.


Sound & Devices Quick Menu

Select    to access the Sound & Devices quick menu. Three drop-down menus let you select input/output devices for making or receiving calls – Microphone, Speaker / Headset, and a Video Camera

A grayed-out drop-down menu indicates that the particular input/output device is not available or not configured properly.

The choices are usually automatically configured with the default settings of your device. You only need to change them if you have different input/output preferences. 

You can also change these in the TeleConsoles's settings Sound & Devices tab, where you can also set up a secondary device to ring for incoming calls.

Testing Input/Output Devices

You can test the input/output devices by selecting .

Testing the Speaker/Headset plays short music so you can hear the audio volume for calls and notifications.

Sound input levels are displayed when you test the microphone, letting you know how well call recipients can hear you. Click to hide the levels.

Testing the camera will show your video image. If you are using a mobile device make sure to select the front-facing camera.

Web Client Permissions for Microphone/Sound

If you happen to use the new Web version client you may need to provide microphone/sound permission for the web page running the TeleConsole.These should be applied automatically or the web page should ask you to allow these. 

If you are still having issues with the microphone or speaker, on most browsers you can click the padlock icon next to the address bar and check the permissions from there.

The Download Manager

The Download Manager () lets you track and open files you downloaded from the TeleConsole. It is not available for the Web version, but you can use your web browser's Downloads feature instead.

  Be careful downloading and opening any files  that arrive from contacts or numbers you are not familiar with. PDFs, images, and voice files can be viewed or played directly in the TeleConsole which is safer than downloading them.

The button will only appear once you have downloaded your first file – a fax, a voicemail, an image, a file attachment, and voicemails or voice notes. Successful downloads are marked with a green checkmark.

The counter on the button indicates the number of new downloads, meaning files you downloaded since last opening the Download Manager.

Click the Download Manager button to see a list of your downloaded files. Hover over the name of a file to see an option to open it with the default app for the file type.

Click  next to a file to remove it from the list or select CLEAR ALL DOWNLOADS to remove all files from the list (removing files from the list will not delete them from your computer.)

Click    next to a file to open the folder containing it so you can open it with other apps or delete it from your computer.

Active Calls

The Active Calls button () only appears when there are any active or ringing calls and only if you are not on the Calls Screen. Clicking the button will take you to the Calls Screen.

The badge on the button counts all ringing, active, and holding calls.

Note that a conference call is not considered a single call but is counted by the number of participants. So if a conference call has 3 participants it will be counted as 3 calls.

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