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If you are  a call center administrator following is an overview of available Telebroad resources to get you started.


ACD Panel

As a call center administrator, your main software tool will be Telebroad's ACD panel.

ACD stands for Automatic Call Distribution. The ACD panel helps you control, manage and analyze the activity and performance of your call center. It automatically distributes calls to various queues according to specific criteria and rules which are designated to maximize the efficiency of calls placement and overflow.

The ACD Panel includes powerful tools for generating historical reports and live overviews of any active call flows. The user-friendly interface is designed for handling calls in real time with easy drag and drop functionality. Customized alerts address select call scenarios and ensure you are always on top of the daily operation of your call center.

See detailed user guides and FAQ for the ACD Panel here.


Telebroad's Analytics is a collection of tools and web interfaces providing you with statistical measurements and advanced reports of calls traffic, users' activity, and group loads. A detailed log of calls, with attached audio recordings, is also maintained.

Analytics can also be used for administration of a simple phone system that does not require ACD level sophistication or queues. It features a real time control panel for all the active and holding calls where various manual operations can be performed to affect call assigning, recording, and listening in on calls for training and overseeing purposes.

See detailed user guides and FAQ for Analytics here.

System Features

Telebroad offers many system features to help you administrate your call center and enhance thr productivity of your call center agents.


Telephone User Guides

We have user guides to get you started with basic phone functions and operations. Our system features dial codes allow for quick execution of certain phone functions. Provisioning walkthrough guides will help you with the initial phone setup.

User guides for Poly SIP phones models VVX 301/311, 401/411, 601 and VVX 250/350/450.

User guides for Yealink SIP phones models T43U, T46S, T48S, T53/T53W, T54W/T57W, and T58A.

User guides for Yealink DECT (wireless) phones W56P and W59R.

User guides for conference phones Poly SoundStation 6000, Yealink CP930, and Yealink CP960 .

You can also find quick reference guides and key layouts for all above models here.

If you have an older phone, see this folder of user guides for discontinued/unsupported models, including some Cisco and Konftel phones.

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