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Installation/Updates, Setup, Signing In, and Password Reset

Installation or Updates

Telebroad's TeleConsole is available directly from the Google Play Store on your Android mobile de.

  • Tap   to access the Play Store and search for "teleconsole".

    You can also access the application directly from any web browser on your Android device with this link:


    (Note that some Android devices may prevent app installation or updates from a web browser.)

  • Tap Install or Update to install the TeleConsole on a new device or update it to a newer version. 

  • The app will be downloaded and installed on your mobile device.

    You can now tap Open to launch the TeleConsole or Uninstall to remove it.

    You can also uninstall the app by accessing Apps from the Android Settings. Find and tap TeleConsole and tap Uninstall (the Android settings for the TeleConsole are also accessible from the TeleConsole settings local options.)

Signing In, Setup, and Password Reset

The TeleConsole app is preconfigured to work with the Telebroad servers, making setting up your account very straightforward.

Once you have installed and launched the TeleConsole you can sign in with your Telebroad account or with a Google/Microsoft account.

Telebroad Account Sign In and Setup

Follow these steps to sign in with your Telebroad account:

  • If you don't have a TeleConsole account, you can tap SIGN UP to receive an email offer from our sales team or you can just contact us. 

  • Otherwise, select Sign In With Telebroad.

  • Enter your credentials (your password is case sensitive but your user name is not) in the Username and Password fields and tap SIGN IN.

  • If your Telebroad credentials are not accepted, you can click the Forgot your password? link.

    You will be prompted to provide your account email. Tap EMAIL RESET CODE to receive an email with a code that identifies and authenticates you and helps prevent accidental or false password reset.

    For more details about changing your password see this FAQ article.

  • Next, you will be asked to provide the TeleConsole with various permissions. This is completely standard with most Android apps and is mostly meant to make you aware of what the app is able to access. Tap START ASKING and then tap ALLOW for each permission. You can also tap DENY, but this may affect the functionality of the TeleConsole.

    You can change any of these permissions later from the TeleConsole's settings in case you tapped DENY by mistake. This is where you can also enable the Camera permission so you can take a picture for your profile.

    • Microphone permission is required for making or receiving phone calls with the TeleConsole.

      Because this permission is considered more private, you need to select WHILE USING THE APP for allowing it.

    • Phone permission is required if you would be using your cellular voice network (your air time) to make calls instead or in addition to a data network (WiFi or cellular data connections).

    • File System permission is required only if you want to download voicemails or faxes.

    • Contacts permission is required if you want to be able to call or text your personal contacts from your device (in addition to your TeleConsole contacts found on the Telebroad server).

    • Nearby Devices allows you to connect to Bluetooth devices (such as a Bluetooth headset.)

Google or Microsoft Sign In and Password Reset

Instead of signing in with your Telebroad account you can tap Sign in with Google or Sign in with Microsoft to use your Google or Microsoft credentials. A new sign-in screen will open for either method with its own options to recover your sign-in email (a recovery phone number or email has to be registered in your account for that) or resetting your password.

Once you provide your credentials you will need to approve the same permissions as mentioned above.

Resetting the password from this screen will affect your entire Google or Microsoft account, and not just your Telebroad account access! You will need to sign in with the new password you create to any Google or Microsoft service you use.

Logging Out

You should stay signed in to the TeleConsole to receive real-time communication and notifications. You can always activate Do Not Disturb, under the account menu, or change the notification options from the TeleCOnsole settings to temporarily stop receiving these.

From the account menu you can also completely Log Out from the TeleConsole if you want to change a user.

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