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What Is an IVR?

Definitions and How IVRs Work?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. It is a technology that allows computers and humans to interact using dial tones and, more recently, by voice recognition. 

In telephony applications, an IVR is a pre-recorded or dynamically generated menu system that routes callers and helps them navigate the phone system. IVRs benefit companies with the ability to service high call volumes, reduce costs, and improve customers' experience.

You are probably familiar with IVRs and have heard their automatic greetings when calling companies that use the technology. The greeting prompts you to interact with the IVR with something like “Press or say 1 for sales, press or say 2 for customer service...” Your initial selection will either connect you to a relevant department or agent or redirect the call to a sub-menu with more choices.

You may hear the term Auto-Attendant used interchangeably for IVR. But to be exact, Auto-Attendant is a particular application of IVR. You can read more about the distinctions here.

More Uses for IVRs 

Telebroad's IVR can also be set up for a company's PBX (internal phone system) and include many options 
for users and departments to securely access and manage their accounts and operate various features of the phone system.  


IVR can also be used for outbound calls in a call center scenario where it can initiate calls to consumers and deliver tailored messages and interactions. For example, an IVR can deliver one set of choices based on a client’s area code and another set based on any existing CRM records. Be aware, however, that any outbound communication with consumers must comply with the Telemarketing Sales Rule and the National Do Not Call Registry.

How to Configure Telebroad IVRs

Telebroad's IVRs can be configured from our Admin Center and can be as simple or as complex as needed. You can choose from 63 types of destinations and features and connect IVRs in a hierarchy to create a sophisticated multi-level and multi-functions IVR setup.

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