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Print2fax is a Windows driver that allows you to send faxes directly from any PC program that supports a printing function. The driver sends the currently opened document in the program you are using. If delivered to a virtual fax machine (such as a TeleConsole client), it will be converted to a PDF format. The driver has its own contacts book and can also sync contacts with Microsoft Outlook.

   If you have installed the TeleConsole Windows app then printing a document to the Print2Fax driver will result in the fax being sent from the TeleConsole fax screen and not from the Print2Fax driver. You will first be prompted to sign in to the TeleConsole if you have not already done so. 

Installation and Removal 

Installing Print2fax

  • To access the Print2fax installation do any of the following:

    • Download the installer directly from this link.

    • If you are using the TeleConsole Desktop Windows app you can go to the Settings page and click  INSTALL PRINT2FAX PLUGIN from the Faxes options (see more details here.)

    • Go to Telebroad's home page and select App Marketplace on the top menu.

      If you have sized down your browser's window access Apps Marketplace from the side menu instead.

      Scroll down and select Print2Fax in the "Apps and integrations for your daily needs" section and select Get It Now in the window that opens to download the installer.

  • Go to the Downloads folder and double-click the print2fax.exe file to run it. If downloaded from a browser, you can also click the download menu next to the file name and select Open to run it directly or Show in folder to look at the file first and then double-click it to run it.

  • Depending on your version of Windows, you may see one or several notifications about the application trying to make changes to your device. These are normal. Just approve any such notification to proceed by clicking Allow.

    Your antivirus or firewall software may also be triggered and interfere with the installation. Either mark the installation as safe or, if this doesn't work, disable them temporarily just for the duration of the installation.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

  Because this is a driver and not a program you will not see any shortcuts or icons in the Windows menu or desktop for it.

Uninstalling Print2fax

If you decide to uninstall the app, you will need to launch the Control Panel or Settings, depending on your Windows version.

  • On Windows 8.1 and earlier versions, you need to access the Control Panel screen and select Programs>Remove a program installation.

    Scroll down to find the "Telebroad Print2fFax Printer" with the publisher listed as "Telebroad", as it appears here.

    Select it and click Uninstall/Change at the top of the programs list.

    Approve the request to uninstall the driver when prompted.

  • On Windows 10/11 version you need to access the Settings screen and select Apps.

    On the Apps & features screen scroll down to find "Telebroad Print2fFax Printer".

    Click it to reveal the related options and select Uninstall.

Setting Up

Select Print from any program that supports a printing function. The print dialog window may vary with the program or your Windows version. You need to find and change the selected destination or default printer to Telebroad Print2Fax.

Here are three examples:


Select Print again from any program.  A window will show up asking you to set up your account by clicking  Settings. Enter your User Name, Password, Caller ID (for your fax line, not your phone line!),  and E-mail address to receive fax confirmations. These are required fields.

You have the option of adding a cover page to the fax by checking the Add Cover Page box and entering the sender's (your) Full Name and Company name.

If you have a Microsoft Outlook installed you can toggle the Provider field to use MS Outlook contacts data rather than the app's own Internal contacts book.

Below the Provider there are also two clickable buttons:

  • The first lets you keep using the internal contacts but copies your Outlook contacts to the internal database.

  • The second lets you sync your TeleConsole contacts with Outlook by copying contacts from the internal database to Outlook. 

You only need to enter your settings once. They will be saved for all other programs on your computer.


Once you are done with the settings, simply enter the recipient's full fax number in the provided field. Click the Send button (previously grayed out) to fax the current document from the program you are using.

It's that easy!

A message will inform you the fax has been successfully submitted for faxing by the Telebroad server. 

You will be notified by email once the fax has been sent (usually within a few seconds), including the sending time and a PDF copy of the fax itself. 

Cover Page

If you checked Add Cover Page in settings, the sending screen will include three additional fields. Enter the recipient's Name and Company Name, and write the cover page note.

Managing Contacts

If the recipient's fax number does not exist in your contacts, you can click Add to Contacts to create a new contact record. 

In the contact screen, enter the contact's name and any additional phone numbers for him (if any). Whenever you enter a number a new phone number field will be added below it. 

Click Save to keep the contact or Delete to discard it.

Once you have contacts saved you can find them either by typing their name or number. You can also click the Rolodex icon to display a list of existing contacts. Select a contact from the list by using the up, down, and enter keys on your keyboard. You can also highlight a contact by moving the mouse cursor over it, but to select it you still need to press enter on your keyboard!


When you have selected a contact, you can click Open Contact to edit his details or delete him completely.

Lastly, you can click the watch icon to display a history of the contacts you sent faxes to.