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Yealink T58W/VP59 – Connecting a Mobile Phone/Device via Bluetooth

Bluetooth Usage on the T58W/VP59 

Bluetooth provides a wireless connection within a range of about 32 feet. The best performance is in the range of 3 to 6 feet.

After pairing and connecting a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone you can make and receive mobile calls on your T58W/VP59, use it as a speaker to play music from the mobile phone, and create a hybrid UC conference.

You can also configure the Bluetooth settings from the web user interface at the path Features>Bluetooth.

Activating/Deactivating Bluetooth Mode

Activating Bluetooth gives you access to a list of available nearby Bluetooth devices as well as devices your T58W/VP59 phone is already paired with (you still need to connect to paired device as explained next.)

To activate Bluetooth:

  • Do one of the following:

    • Swipe left/right to go to the second idle, tap Settings  (  ), and navigate to Basic Settings>Bluetooth.

      Toggle on the Bluetooth option.

    • Swipe down from the top to show the Quick Settings menu and tap the Bluetooth button ().

  • The phone automatically scans and displays a list of available devices in range listing names and device types (phone, headset, input devices, etc).

    If you have paired devices before, they will appear on the same screen under a Paired Devices list.

  • The status bar displays the active Bluetooth icon ().

Repeat the same steps to deactivate Bluetooth and simply toggle off the Bluetooth option. The Bluetooth icon will disappear from the status bar. The current Bluetooth device that is connected to your phone will disconnect but will remain paired and available to use once you reactivate Bluetooth.

Pairing and Connecting a Bluetooth Device

You can pair multiple mobile phones/devices with the Yealink T58W/VP59  but only one mobile phone/device can be connected at any given time (a headset or an input device can be simultaneously connected in addition to the mobile phone/device.) If you have paired several mobile phones/devices you can switch the active connection between them.

After pairing a mobile  phone you can change its name, unpair it, and sync and view its contacts.

To pair and connect a Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile Phone with your IP phone:

  • Activate Bluetooth as explained above.

  • Activate Bluetooth on the mobile phone and also make sure it is discoverable (can be seen by other Bluetooth devices.) Otherwise, even if you enable Bluetooth on the mobile phone it may not be seen by the T58W/VP59.

  • If no mobile phone is found, tap   to scan for mobile phones.

  • In the Bluetooth devices list, tap the mobile phone you want to pair with.

  • The T58W/VP59  prompts a Bluetooth connection request with a pairing code.

    Make sure the code is identical to the one shown on the mobile phone and select Pair.

  • You will be prompted to enable contacts syncing with the mobile phone. Tap OK to approve this. If you cancel this, you can sync the contacts later (see below).

    To complete the syncing you also need to authorize this on the mobile phone.

Connection Indicators and Line Key Assignment

If the connection is successful, a “Connected” label appears under the name of the mobile phone (now listed in the Paired Devices list) and the connected Bluetooth icon ( ) appears in the status bar.

The T58W/VP59 will also automatically find an available line key and assign it as a mobile account with the default label “My Mobile”. If there is no available line key, you may assign it manually.

Disconnecting or Switching a Connection

Tap a connected Bluetooth device and tap OK to disconnect it. The device will remain paired so you can reconnect back to it at any time.

To switch to a different, already paired, mobile phone first make sure the other phone has Bluetooth enabled and is discoverable. Tap the mobile phone in the Paired devices list, and tap OK when prompted to approve the new connection.

Renaming or Unpairing a Mobile Phone

You can rename a paired mobile phone so that you can easily recognize it.

The new name of the mobile phone will display in the Paired Devices list on the T58W/VP59. But the name of the mobile phone that is displayed in the list of available devices (if you unpair the mobile phone) remains unchanged.

To rename or unpair a device:

  • Tap   next to the name of a connected Bluetooth mobile phone in the paired devices list.

  • If you wish to change the name of the phone, enter the desired device name, in the Rename field and tap    to apply the change.

    The new name will display in the Paired devices list.

  • To unpair the mobile phone tap Unpair.

    The mobile phone disappears from the Paired devices list. It will now show in the Available devices list, where you can tap it if you wish to pair with it again.

Syncing and Viewing Mobile Contacts

You can enable the sync feature on a T58W/VP59 phone to let it sync with the contacts on a paired mobile phone as a convenient way to view and use these contacts from the T58W/VP59.

To enable the mobile contacts sync feature:

  • Make sure a Bluetooth phone is paired and connected to your T58W/VP59.

  • Swipe left/right to go to the second idle screen or, tap Settings  ( ) and select Basic Settings>Bluetooth.

  • Tap   next to the name of the connected Bluetooth mobile phone in the paired devices list.

  • Enable the Mobile Contacts Sync option.

  • On the mobile phone, authorize the T58W/VP59 to synchronize the mobile contacts.

    The mobile contacts will now be available in the directory of the T58W/VP59.

If you no longer need to view and use the mobile contacts, repeat the same steps and simply turn off the Mobile Contacts Sync option. The mobile contacts directory disappears from the phone directory list.

If you deactivate Bluetooth on either the T58W/VP59 or your mobile phone, the contacts directory will also disappear from the phone directory list.

To view your mobile contacts on the T58W/VP59:

  • On the idle screen, tap   (Directory) and select Mobile Contacts.

Enabling Phone-Audio/Media-Audio

The phone-audio feature allows you to make and receive mobile calls, with the T58W/VP59 acting as a speaker and microphone for your connected mobile phone. Calling is still made through your mobile phone, but the audio is routed to the T58W/VP59 and the call is also controlled by it.

You can choose to answer a mobile call with a Bluetooth headset if one is connected to the T58W/VP59.

Note that controlling calls work for cellular calls, but may or may not work for calls made or received with any VoIP based communication apps (such as Google Voice, Skype, a softphone app, Telebroad's own mobile Teleconsole app, etc.) Try to open the dialer screen on the relevant app on your mobile phone and see if your T58W/VP59 can control it. Speaker and microphone functionality will work for any type of call.

When you enable the media-audio feature, the T58W/VP59 acts as a speaker for your connected mobile phone to play music or other audio media.

To enable phone-audio or the media-audio:

  • Swipe left/right to go to the second idle, tap Settings  (  ), and navigate to Basic Settings>Bluetooth.

  • Tap   next to the name of the connected mobile phone in the paired devices list.

  • Toggle on the Phone audio option.

  • Toggle on the  Media audio option.

Handling Mobile Phone Calls on the T58W/VP59

After you enabled the Phone-Audio feature (see the previous section) you can make and receive mobile phone calls on your T58W/VP59 phone.

You can use the T58W/VP59  to place a mobile call and a VoIP call with your Telebroad account simultaneously. The two types of calls will not affect each other.

During the call, you can hold/resume, mute/unmute or end the call on the T58W.

To place a mobile call over Bluetooth from the T58W/VP59 do one of the following:

  • Tap the Mobile Account line key that was assigned when you paired with the mobile phone.

    Enter the desired number on the dialing screen and tap (Send) to place the call.

  • On the idle screen, tap   (Call) to enter the dialing screen.

    Enter the desired number and tap (Send).

    You will be prompted to select where to place the call (on the T58W/VP59 or the paired mobile phone). Tap the connected mobile phone name to place the call. 

To place a mobile call over Bluetooth from the mobile phone:

  • Place a call on the mobile phone.

  • The outgoing call information appears on both the T58W/VP59 and mobile phone screens.

  • On the mobile phone tap the Bluetooth audio source option and select:

    • SIP-T58W, SIP-VP59, or Bluetooth to route the call's audio to the T58W/VP59.

    • Speaker or Handset earpiece to keep the call's audio on the mobile phone.

  • Note that the audio source option's appearance and functionality may vary slightly depending on your mobile phone's operating system version and configuration – on iOS the options for keeping the audio on the mobile phone are iPhone and Speaker.

Editing Device Name and Enabling/Disabling Discovering

In order for other Bluetooth devices to scan and find your T58W/VP59 phone you need to make the phone discoverable.

By default, the device name of your phone will appear to other devices as Yealink-SIP-T58W or Yealink-SIP-VP59. You can edit this name to make it easier to recognize the phone.  

To enable/disable the T58W/VP59 discovery mode or edit the device name:

  • Swipe left/right to go to the second idle, tap Settings  ( ), and navigate to Basic Settings>Bluetooth.

  • Tap Edit My Device Information.

  • Toggle the Open Discover option to make the T58W/VP59 discoverable or hide it from other devices.

  • Enter a new name in the Device Name field to change the name of the T58W/VP59 as it appears to other devices.

  • Tap    to save any changes.

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