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Changing the Default Email App – Windows/macOS/Chrome/Firefox

The first time you select to email a contact on the TeleConsole's contacts screen you will be prompted to select a default email app. Emailing other contacts will open this app automatically.

If you decide to use a different app or web browser for emailing you need to change certain system settings depending on the operating system you use. 


To change the default email app in Windows:

  • Go to Windows settings.

  • Click the Apps settings and select Default apps

  • Click the current email app to display a choice of other email applications or browsers.
  • Select the app/browser you want to use. This selection is global and will be used for all other Windows apps.

  • You may need to make some additional configurations to your web browser if you selected it as your email app (see below.)


To change the default email app in macOS:

  • Launch the macOS native Mail client.

  • Click the Mail menu and select Preferences.

  • Click the Default Email Reader drop-down menu on the General tab.

  • Select an available app/browser. If you don't see the one you want click Select... and pick your desired app/browser.

  • You may need to make some additional configurations to your web browser if you selected it as your email app (see below).

Configuring Your Web Browser to Open Email Links (Windows/macOS)

If you selected a web browser as the default email app (as explained above) you may need to apply some additional configurations to allow the browser to handle your emails. The process may differ between various browsers.


We have included instructions for Google Chrome (which should apply for other Chromium-based browsers) and Mozilla Firefox.


Step 1

  • Do one of the following:

    • Click the menu button on the top-right corner () and select Settings.

      Navigate to Privacy and security>Site Settings>Additional permissions>Protocol handlers.

    • Enter chrome://settings/handlers in your address bar.

  • Select the Sites can ask to handle protocols option.

    (if your Chrome version is outdated you may instead see a toggle labeled Allow sited to become default handlers for protocols that you need to enable.)

Step 2

  • Open a new web page and enter the URL of your preferred email client (for example for Gmail use mail.google.com.)

  • Click the handlers double-diamond button () to the right of the address bar.

  • Select Allow and click Done to confirm your selection.

If you want to go back to using an email app on your computer simply select Deny from the handlers options.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click the menu button ( Fx89menuButton) and selectSettings (on a PC) orPreferences (macOS).

  • Scroll down to the Applications section under the General Panel.

  • Find and select mailto under the Content Type column.

  • In the Action column select Use <Webmail> (for example Use Gmail) to set it as the default webmail client to be opened by Firefox.

  • If you can't see your preferred webmail try searching and installing its extension/add-on.

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