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Admin Center Access and Home Screen

Admin Center Access

The Admin Center is a web application. Access it from the Telebroad home page under the Login menu or by entering  https://account.telebroad.com in your web browser.

Enter your access credentials and select SIGN IN. Your Admin Center credentials are the same as your TeleConsole credentials.

You can also select to Sign in with Google or Sign in with Office 365. This will open a browser tab where you can authenticate with your Google or Microsoft credentials.

If you check the Remember Me box you will remain logged in for 30 days, even if you close the browser window. Otherwise, you will remain logged in just until you close the Admin Center browser window.

Password Reset

If you forgot your password select the Forgot your password? link. Provide the email address used for your account and select RESET PASSWORD. You will receive an email with a link to take you to a web page or a TeleConsole screen where you can enter a new password. Remember that this will also change your TeleConsole password.

For Google or Microsoft password reset first select to sign in with either account then select the relevant account recovery link. Google Forgot email?/Forgot Password? or Microsoft Can't access your account?. Resetting your password for the TeleConsole will also reset it for all your Google or Microsoft products and services and will require you to sign in with the new password!

The Admin Center Home Screen

From the Home Screen of the Admin Center you can switch between signed-in accounts, quickly add voice features, see call activity Overview and history, see the status of various system components, find links to other Telebroad apps, and read about the latest features added to the Admin Center.


Access the Accounts Menu to manage the signed-in accounts by selecting your profile icon at the top-right of the home screen (the Telebroad logo in the example shown here).

Multiple Admin Center accounts can be signed in to the same Admin Center web client. A web client is defined by a specific web browser use a different browser or use the same browser in incognito mode and  it would be necessary to sign in again.

You can select to Sign out of your account but if more than one account is signed in this option changes to Sign out of all accounts

You can Change or Remove your profile picture with the   button. Your profile picture applies to both the Admin Center and the TeleConole.

If you want to change the Organization Name (appearing under your name) you need to go to Admin Center Menu>Account. Make sure you are on the Settings tab and expand the Account Profile options. 

Switching Accounts

Select Switch accounts to see and manage a  list of signed-in accounts. Select any account you want to use by selecting it and choosing SWITCH.

Add a new account to the list with Sign in with a different account. This will take you to the same sign-in screen mentioned above.

Select next to the account name to Remove the account from the list or Sign out from the account.

Signed out accounts on the list are greyed out and appear with the option to Sign in.

Voice Features Quick Addition Menu

Voice Features are accessed from the Admin Center menu where you can view and manage all voice features on the system. User guides are available here.

The quick menu saves you time (especially when building a phone system) by letting you add new voice features with one click. 

Call Activity Overview / History

Here you can see some general call activity statistics for a selected time period. 

Use  the button to pick the date range from a calendar. Change the month with the arrows (). Clicking the month lets you change the year. Note that, because of performance optimization, you can only select a date range in the last six months. For earlier dates or for more comprehensive statistics use the Admin Center Analytics Dashboard tool.

The summary boxes show the total calls for the time period while the Call History breaks plots the calls on a graph. You can select a date on the graph to see incoming and outgoing calls for it.

The All Group Calls box summarizes all the calls arriving from queues or hunt groups.

System Status

This shows the real-time operational status of various Telebroad systems and services. You can also visit http://status.telebroad.com to see historical uptimes.

  • Telebroad PBXCELLENT – the cloud PBX service that allows users to communicate with each other.

  • ACD Dashboard – the Automatic Calls Distribution feature is primarily used by administrators to manage a call center and call traffic.

  • Telebroad SMS – a business SMS service. Note that SMS numbers are separate from regular users's phone lines or extensions.

  • Telebroad FAX see this article for Telebroad faxing options.

  • Telebroad API – API documentation is available here.

  • app.telebroad.com – the Web/Desktop Teleconsole service.

  • Telebroad Hyper T1 – SIP Trunking and direct IP Connect that allows users to make external calls.

  • Mobile Apps (iPhone & Android) – the mobile Teleconsole service.

Quick Access / New Features

Quick Access has quick links to other Telebroad apps that share the same access credentials used with your Admin Center account. 

New Features lists the latest features added to the Admin Center with a short explanation of how to use them.

For details about new Telebroad features in general see this article.

Admin Center Menu

The Admin Center menu provides access to all the Admin Center features and services. For more detailed descriptions than those provided below, see this article explaining how you would use the Admin Center to build and manage a phone system or to administer and analyze call activity. 

On desktop devices you can just click the icons under the menu to display categories sub-menus or features.

Click to open the menu in full view (or just access it on Mobile devices) and to close it. In full view, click   to expand categories (like Live Dashboards).

Follow the linked name of the features for more information and user guides (as they become available):

  • Home: This is the default Admin Center Screen, described above.

  • Account: Manage general settings of the phone system and the account owner profile (the phone system's administrator or individual that is invoiced for the phone system service.) It also provides details about your Telebroad, invoices, and payment methods. You can also use it to order phone equipment and additional services from Telerbarod. 

  • Live Dashboards: It includes three tools for managing a call center and  actively routing call traffic  Active Calls Switchboard, ACD Dashboard, and Live Wallboard.

  • Users & Phones: This is where you can configure the PBX adding and managing the phone system users and their phone lines, mailboxes, roles, devices, profiles, and more.

    The phone numbers you can manage here are for internal lines and extensions that have a shorter format than ten-digit phone numbers.

  • Phone Numbers: Here you can manage ten-digit phone numbers to be used with caller IDs, Direct Inbound Dialing, SMS and fax lines, and the main number for your company. Phone numbers cannot be created but can be bought or ported over from other providers. A useful option here can help with unsolicited calls by filtering them based on incoming caller ID.

  • Voice Features: Allow you to access, configure, add, and create the phone system voice components including IVR menus, extensions, hunt groups, call queues, page groups, pickup groups, mailboxes, audio files, pattern menus, and schedules.

  • SMS Features (coming soon): Let you set up auto-replies and announcements for SMS numbers.

  • AnalyticsView statistics and related charts for analyzing call traffic and user productivity.

  • Reports: Generate and download lists and reports for call history, fax history, users, groups, and phone numbers.

  • Alerts (coming soon): A tool for creating Admin Center and phone system alerts and notifications to help you identify and manage heavy call volumes, queue overflows, and other critical situations.

  • App Integrations: Links to download, activate, or register Windows or web integrations that let you use your Telebroad account and phone lines with various 3rd party apps and services.

  • Developer panel: Coming soon.

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