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Full ACD Control

ACD - Automatic Call Distribution is a set of automatic software rules built into your PBX system. The function of the ACD is to distribute calls to queues and agents in a manner that maximizes productivity, increases the efficiency of call handling, and reduces the occurrences of queue overflow.

The ACD behavior is predefined to facilitate immediate operation of a call center or your other heavy call volume scenarios. This initial behavior is determined by the priorities given to agents and queues.

Telebroad's ACD panel is a full featured web interface to observe, control, and analyze all aspects of a call center with detailed information, charts, and reports about calls, agents, and queues. It also contains extended settings for adjusting ACD behavior.

When adjusting the ACD behavior you can choose to have the distribution focus on agents with higher priorities, cycle between agent's priorities, or involve the most idle agents. There are also settings to handle agents with identical priorities, distributing calls based on level of recent activity. Alternatively you can switch off the ACD altogether and have all phones in a queue ring simultaneously, letting the first agent who picks the call answers it.

Additional adjustments, in addition to behavior, include setting maximum thresholds for number of calls, maximum hold time , and actions if no agents are logged in a queue. You have a choice of fifty-one trigger-actions that can be performed to address thresholds - either forwarding the triggering call to different destination, playing different messages to the caller, or even giving him a choice to be called back when an agent becomes available. 

Complete user guides and FAQs for the ACD Panel are available here.