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Pickup Groups (Admin Center Voice Features)


Pickup Groups allow users to grab an incoming ringing call from other users in the group  by dialing ** and answer it on their own phone or TeleConsole app. Both users and telephones can be assigned to more than one group. 

Existing Page Groups

The Page Group screen is accessed at Admin Center Menu>Voice Features>Pickup Groups. It lists the existing groups by name and descriptionYou can check one or several page groups and select   to delete them.

Select  on the top-right to download a CSV file of existing page groups showing a system ID for the group, name, and description. 

Select   to search for a specific group(s) by name, description, or the system ID from the CSV file.

Adding a New Pickup Group

Select ADD PICKUP GROUP from the top of the Pickup Groups List screen or from the Voice Features Shortcut menu.

Provide a name for the group and select CREATE.  You will be directed to the Pickup Group Settings screen (see next) to finish setting up the group.

Pickup Groups Settings

Select any group or create a new one to show its settings. On the top-right you can use the arrows to select the next or previous group without having to go back to the group list.

General Settings

Name/Description: Self-explanatory. The description is optional.

Phones: Check the phone numbers for all the users you want to be part of the group. The box next to the Search field lets you select or deselect all phones.