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Anonymous Calls – Configuring, Dialing, and Rejection

Anonymous Calling Usage and Considerations

You can use the anonymous call feature on your Yealink phone to continuously block your caller ID and name from appearing to the recipient. Anonymous calling is configurable on a per-line basis. 

Anonymous calling is useful when you don't want to give out your name and number to people you don't trust. But you should otherwise, use it only when necessary and at other times consider disabling it. This is because anonymous calls are more likely to get rejected by recipients and may also cause your number to be wrongly labeled as a source of spam (you can learn more about spam labeling here.)

Additional Anonymous Calling Options

Another way to make anonymous calls is to select the Blocked caller ID in the TeleConsole's mobile general settings (see Android or iOS versions) or directly on the calling screen of the desktop/web versions.

If you want to make anonymous calls on a per-call basis use the *67 Private Caller ID dial code. 

Configuring and Making Anonymous Calls

To enable or disable anonymous calling:

  • Press Menu>Features>Anonymous Call.

  • Press    or   , or the Switch soft key to select the desired line from the Line ID field.

  • Press the Switch soft key to select Enabled or Disabled from the Local Anonymous field.

  • Press the Save soft key to accept the change or the Back soft key to cancel.

Anonymous calling is also configurable via the web user interface at the path Account>Basic.

To place an anonymous call:

  • Use the specific line you configured above on the phone to place a call to another phone.

  • The phone or calling app of the recipient will display an incoming call from an anonymous/unknown/hidden number.

If the recipient has enables an anonymous call rejection on his phone or calling app, you may be prompted that he does not accept calls from an anonymous number.

Rejecting Anonymous Calls

The anonymous call rejection feature on your phone automatically rejects incoming calls from callers who deliberately hide their caller ID information. Anonymous call rejection is configurable on a per-line basis. When active your phone will not ring and you will not be notified about attempted anonymous calls.

 Additional features to block unwanted calls and spam text messages are available from the TeleConsole and the Admin Portal. See more information here.

To enable anonymous call rejection:

  • Press Menu>Features>Anonymous Call.

  • Press    or   , or the Switch soft key to select the desired line from the Account ID field.

  • Press    or    to scroll to the Anony Rejection field.

  • Press    or   , or the Switch soft key to select Enabled from the Anony Rejection field.

  • Press the Save soft key to accept the change or the Back soft key to cancel.

Anonymous call rejection is also configurable via the web user interface at the path Account>Basic.