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Warranty and Limitation of Liability

Telebroad offers a one year warranty from the date of purchase.

The first ninety days of this warranty are automatically included with your order. To extend the warranty period to one year you must register the product at: telebroad.com/register.

Within the warranty period and under the terms described here, Telebroad will repair or exchange a covered product free of charge. In case of a replacement, an identical or similar design will be provided. The replaced or repaired item will be warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period.

What Is Covered?

The warranty covers any defects in materials, workmanship, or manufacturing that were discovered while using a product as recommended by the manufacturer.

We offer no warranty on any software or service, ours or a third party one, that the product is used with in any capacity. 

What Is Not Covered?

This warranty does not cover any defects resulting from misuse, accidents, shipping damage, unauthorized alterations or modifications to the product, unauthorized repair, failure to follow operation instructions, improper storage conditions, fire, flood, lightning, and any natural disasters or acts of God.

Receipt of Damages Devices

If you receive cartons or devices that are visibly damaged, you must note the damage on the carrier's freight bill or receipt and keep a copy. You must also keep the original carton,all packing materials, and parts in the same condition in which you received them from the carrier. You must then contact our Customer Care Department at 1-877-683-5327. 


Covered Products

Telebroad direct warranty covers only phones - corded or cordless, returned to us during the warranty period. .

We do not cover conference phones.

We do not offer warranty on other products such as headsets, routers, door phones, keypads, or overhead paging systems, and any related accessories or components. For warranty information regarding these products you need to contact the manufacturer. This information is usually included with the product.

Discounted items are also not eligible for coverage.

Obtaining an RMA and Shipping

To handle a covered product please contact your Telebroad representative with your order number and obtain an RMA (return merchandise authorization).

Products must be shipped back within seven days of obtaining the RMA. An additional seven days may be granted upon request. All shipping costs for the covered product are carried by the customer.

Covered products must be shipped to us in all of the original packaging and include all associated manuals and printed materials, cords, accessories, parts, and other contained items.

Advanced Replacement 


There may be situations where a customer urgently needs a replacement for the covered product. Instead of waiting until we receive and inspect it, we can offer to ship  a replacement at the same time the customer obtains the RMA.

We will charge you the full price for the replacement product.

Once we receive the original covered product from you, we will automatically issue a refund for the replacement with your original form of payment. Refunds may take up to eight business days to process.

Refunds will not be issued if we determine the original product does not qualify for warranty coverage under any of the terms described here. In such a case Telebroad will contact the customer and offer him a choice of having the original product shipped back to him as is or have it fixed at the full cost of labor and parts.

The replacement product will be covered for the remainder of the original warranty period.

Limitation of Liability on Products

To the maximum extent permitted by law, Telebroad does not accept liability for the purchase, use, or return of any products beyond the terms described in the above warranty. Telebroad will not be liable and will not pay for any losses occurring from a customer's negligence or damages caused by the product, its failure to work, the product not being available for use, lost or corrupted data or software caused by the product, loss of revenue or profit, or for any other incidental or consequential damages, even if Telebroad has been advised of the possibility of such damages or any related claim directly by the customer or by a third party. Telebroad liability and responsibility to the purchase of a product is limited and will not exceed the invoiced purchase price of the product itself, or the cost of its repair or replacement. 

Full Legal Terms and Additional Limitation of Liability

In addition to this limitation of liability for a purchased, use, or returned products we also have a limitation of liability on our telecommunication service and 911 emergency calling. These are explained in more details in our Terms of Use on our website (in section 10 in particular).

The information provided on this page is given only as a summary of the full terms, conditions, and policies found in the legal section of our website. The legal section and any future updated to it supersedes the information on this page and must be referred to for all questions regarding warranty and limitation of liability.