Virtual Fax Machine

Digital communication has taken the place of faxes, and yet many business functions require that official documents get faxed between parties. Telebroad's eFax solution gives you full access to a virtual fax machine where you can receive and send faxes without a physical faxing device or even a dedicated fax line. Faxes are stored digitally to save on printing supplies and paper clutter. This also offers much better organization, sharing, searching, and archiving.

There are four different ways to use the virtual fax machine:

  • With Telebroad's Print2fax printer driver, you can fax documents from any Windows program that supports a printing function.

  • Learn how to send and access faxes from the TeleConsole web interface.

  • Access and send faxes from the TeleConsole Android or iOS mobile apps.

  • Access and send faxes from the TeleConsole Windows/macOS apps. 

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