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The GET/download/mailbox/greeting request returns a base64 text string representing an audio file, in WAV format, for one of the four possible mailbox greetings. You can convert this string to an actual audio file using any online base64 converting tool. 

The TeleConsole has does not have a default generic greeting when an account is created. For the request to work actual greetings must have been recorded or uploaded to the relevant TeleConsole account with the either the web interface, mobile app, or POST/upload/mailbox/greeting API request.

The returned response is typical for a media file and include the following fields:

  • name - the name of the audio file on the Telebroad server. It usually contain the type of the greeting. This is not so much relevant to converting the Base64 data to an actual audio, but can be useful when uploading new greetings.

  • data - the actual base64 text string representing the WAV format audio file of the requested greeting.

  • mimetype - definition of the type/format of the media file. This will always be "audio\/x-wav".


All parameters go in the header. 

mailboxstringSpecify the number of the mailbox for which to get the greeting downloaded, if the user has more than one mailbox 
typestringThere are four different types of a possible greeting that a caller will hear when he has reached your mailbox.

You can only get a response for one greeting type at a time. You will have to send separate requests for additional types!

The greeting type must be in all lower case or you will get a "_invalid_greeting_type_" error.

greet - the greeting will be played if you are not answering the call. It will have priority and be played if no other greeting has been recorded.

unavail - if you are not answering but the "greet" greeting has not been set up by any method (recording, upload, or API) than the system will play your this instead. This greeting is just the system saying your name followed by saying the system saying "is unavailable".

temp - temporary greeting is played if you are unreachable, like when you are logged out of all your queues or toggled your availability status to Do not disturb.

Busy - busy greeting is played if you are already taking another call. 


To get the "temp" greeting for mailbox 201 use this syntax:

HTTPS method: GET



 The returned data field may be dozens of pages long. Shown here is a truncated version.

    "error": null, 


        { "name": "1113834_busy.wav", 












                    "mimetype": "audio\/x-wav" } 


If the greeting has not been set up by any method (recording, upload, or API) than an error will be returned instead -


    "error": {

        "code": 444,

        "message": "Not found"