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HHAeXchange Integration

Usage and Requirements

Telebroad's HHAeXchange integration is configured from the Admin Center and works with our TeleConsole desktop/web app to display patient and caregiver details by cross-referencing phone numbers with the HHAeXchange database. This is a great time saver allowing you to instantly identify the caller and offer a more personalized service.

Of course, you can also use all the other functions of the TeleConsole to call, text, and fax patients or communicate with colleagues using the Team Chat feature.

Before you can use the integration you would need to register for an account with HHAeXchange and have HHAeXchange set you up with an app key.

The cost of the app key is negotiated between you and HHAeXchange. If you are not an existing Telebroad user, you will also have to contact us to set you up with a TeleConsole account.

Admin Center Configuration

To configure the integration sign in to the Admin Center and select App Integration>HHA Exchange.

Each account you have with HHAeXchange is configured separately and is referred to as an agency. An active and properly configured integration is marked with  and you can click this icon to temporarily disable the integration instead of deleting it.

Select any existing agency to edit or select ADD NEW AGENCY to integrate a new account. Check any agency and select  to delete it.

Agency (Integration) Settings

When you add or edit an agency you will enter  the following fields:

Name: The name of the HHAeXchange account.

Description (optional): A description of the HHAeXchange account.

App Name / App Secret: The username and password credentials used for signing into the HHAeXchange account.

Users: From the drop-down list here check all the phone system users that will be granted access to the integration.

Open Patient Button URL: When the integration finds a patient in the HHAeXchange database it will display his name and phone numbers in the TeleConsole and provide links to open his full details in any HHAeXchange account that the patient belongs to.

For the links to work you need to copy and paste this URL into the field


You may need to replace the "ENT2401010000" path with the URL details from your account. Simply log into your HHAExchange account on another web page and copy the path portion (between the  ".com/" and "/Patient") to the above URL. Then copy the entire URL to the "Open Patient Button URL".

Open Caregiver URL: The same goes for caregivers. The integration will display linkable names of caregivers in any HHAeXchange account that the patient belongs to.


For the links to work you need to copy and paste this URL in the field –


And again check this URL against the actual URL when you log into your HHAeXchange account and replace the path ("ENT2401010000" ) portion if needed.

The HHA Integration and the TeleConsole

Once the HHA Integration has been configured on the Admin Center,  it will be available to use on the TeleConsole desktop/web app (TeleConsole user guides are available here.)

  To allow the integration to open the patient and caregiver link URLs,  you need to sign into your HHA exchange account on the default web browser.

Using the HHA Integration in the TeleConsole

The integration is accessed in the TeleConsole's calls screen when dialing a patient (with the Start a Call button), selecting a call log with a phone number of a patient, or answering an incoming call from a patient. 

Click the HHA integration button on the right side to expand the integration panel and click the HHAeXchange pull-down menu to display links about the patient and caregivers. 

For each agency, the integration will indicate if a caregiver and patient were found (or not) to make you aware of the HHAeXchange account where the details of the patient can be found. To access the patient's details click the Adjustement Rate link.

Clicking the Edit Contact link lets you edit the contact on the TeleConsole. If the contact doesn't exist on the TeleConsole you will see a Create Contact option instead. 

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