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Yealink CP930 (Discontinued) – Connecting a Mobile Phone/Device via Bluetooth

For the CP930 replacement please refer to the user guides for the Yealink CP935W.

Bluetooth provides a wireless connection within a range of about 32 feet. The best performance is in the range of 3 to 6 feet.

After pairing and connecting a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone (or device) you can make and receive mobile calls on the CP930, use it as a speaker to play music from the mobile phone, and create a hybrid UC conference with merged calls from the mobile phone and a PC. 

The following instructions are for the phone user interface, but you can also configure Bluetooth settings via the web user interface at the path Features>Bluetooth.

Activating/Deactivating Bluetooth

Consider deactivating Bluetooth mode when you are not using it with a mobile phone to conserve the CP930 phone's battery.

To activate Bluetooth:

  • Tap   or navigate to Menu>Settings>Basic Settings>Bluetooth.

  • Select On from the Bluetooth field.

  • Select Save.

Repeat the same steps but select Off to deactivate Bluetooth. Bluetooth devices connected to your phone will disconnect but will remain paired and available to use once you reactivate Bluetooth.

Editing Device Name and Enabling Discovering

In order for other Bluetooth devices to scan and find your CP930 phone you need to make the phone discoverable.

By default the device name of your phone will appear to other devices as Yealink-CP930W. You can edit this name to make it easier to recognize the phone.  

To make the CP930 discoverable:

  • Make sure that the Bluetooth mode is activated.

  • Tap   and select Edit My Device Information or navigate to Menu>Settings>Basic Settings->Bluetooth>Edit My Device Information.

  • The current device name of the phone will be displayed. If you wish to edit it, enter the new name in the Device Name field.

  • Select On from the Open Discover field to make your phone discoverable.

  • Tap Save.

Pairing and Switching between Devices

The CP930 cannot scan for Bluetooth devices. You have to pair and connect the CP930 from your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. 

To pair the CP930 make sure you have activated the Bluetooth mode and have made the CP930 discoverable!

Scan and pair the phone from the Bluetooth-enable mobile phone (the default device name of your phone is Yealink-CP930W, but it can be changed as explained in the previous paragraph) and select OK when the CP930 prompts a Bluetooth connection request with a pairing code (make sure the code is identical to the one shown on the mobile phone.) The mobile phone will now be connected to the CP930 and icon will appear in the status bar.

To switch between several paired mobile phones (or other devices):

  • Make sure the device you want to switch to has its Bluetooth mode enabled.

  • Tap   and select Paired Bluetooth Device or navigate to Menu>Settings>Basic Settings>Bluetooth>Paired Bluetooth Device.

  • Highlight the connected Bluetooth device you want to switch to, and select Connect.

    The phone will connect to the device you selected while keeping the pairing information with the previous device.

You can also highlight the currently paired device and select Disconnect. This will keep it paired, but you will have to switch to it to reestablish the connection. 

Enabling Phone Audio/Media Audio

When you enable the phone audio feature, the CP930 acts as a speaker and microphone for your connected mobile phone calls. Calling is still made through your mobile phone, but the audio is routed to the CP930 and the call is also controlled by it.

When you enable the media audio feature, the CP930 acts as a speaker for your connected mobile phone (or a PC connected via a micro-USB cable) to play music or other audio media.

To enable phone audio or media audio:

  • Tap   and select Paired Bluetooth Device or navigate to Menu>Settings>Basic Settings>Bluetooth>Paired Bluetooth Device.

  • Tap Options>Detail>Channel Control.

  • Select Enabled from the Phone Audio field to enable the phone audio feature.

  • Select Enabled from the Media Audio field. to enable the media audio feature.

  • Tap Save.

Handling Mobile Phone Calls on the CP930

When the phone audio feature is enabled, the CP930 can act as a speaker and a microphone for your mobile phone calls and can also control them . 

Note that controlling calls works for cellular calls, but may or may not work for calls made or received with any VoIP communication apps (such as Skype, Google Voice, a softphone app, or Telebroad's own mobile Teleconsole app.) Speaker and microphone functionality will work for any type of call.

You can use the CP930 to place a mobile call and a VoIP call with your Telebroad account simultaneously. The two types of calls will not affect each other.

During a mobile phone call (that you either placed or answered), you can hold/resume, mute/unmute, or end the call on the CP930.

Placing a Call

You can place a mobile call from the CP930 or from the mobile phone itself.

To place a call from the CP930:

  • Tap   on the CP930.

  • Tap Switch and select Mobile Account.

  • Dial the number on the CP930 to place the call on the mobile phone.

To place a call from the mobile phone:

  • Place a call on the mobile phone.

  • On the mobile phone tap the Bluetooth audio source option and select CP930 or Bluetooth to route the call's audio to the CP930. Selecting Speaker or Handset earpiece will keep the call's audio on the mobile phone

    The audio source option appearance and functionality may vary slightly depending on your phone's operating system version and configuration – on iOS the options for keeping the audio on the phone are iPhone and Speaker.

Answering a Call

An incoming call to your mobile phone is also shown on the CP930. You can answer and conduct the call directly from the CP930.

Deleting Paired Bluetooth Devices

You can delete Bluetooth devices paired to your CP930 when you no longer need to use them. The CP930 will not automatically connect to a deleted device any

To delete a Bluetooth device:

  • Tap   and select Paired Bluetooth Device or navigate to Menu>Settings>Basic Settings>Bluetooth>Paired Bluetooth Device.

  • Tap Options and select either Delete (for the currently paired device) or Delete All.

  • Select Yes when the phone prompts you to approve the deletion.