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What Is a Cloud Based PBX System and How Is It Better Than a Traditional PBX?

You have probably heard the term cloud (computing) in reference to your computer, smart-phone, or tablet where cloud usually defines online storage. In this context, cloud computing is about storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your device's local hard drive. The term cloud has historical computing meaning where in flowcharts the entire infrastructure of the Internet was symbolized by a white cloud.

If you are saving files to services such as Google Drive or Microsoft One drive, uploading pictures to Google Photos or Yahoo’s Flickr, or using an online image processing software like Pixlr than you are using cloud computing. But storing data on a home or office network does not count as using cloud computing.

Business applications are more sophisticated of course. And one of them is Cloud PBX (also known as IP PBX). The idea behind it is to provide your business with access to PBX capabilities (that is all your internal and external communication needs) that exist completely online instead of requiring any actual complicated and expensive equipment to be placed and installed in your offices.

Of course you do need a good broadband connection to start with. But there is no need for any actual phone wires as all call traffic is done with VoIP technology over the broadband connection. You don’t need any telephony hardware because all routing, extension registration, switching, and connections are handled by software solutions that run from your PBX provider's server. All your messages, voicemail, faxes, and call logs are stored in cloud storage online so you don’t even need any special storage sever.

Telebroad’s PBXcellent cloud solution has many advantages. It is very easy to deploy and manage with sophisticated web control and administration modules. As already mentioned, it is much more cost effective than a traditional PBX because you don’t need to invest in expensive hardware and you don’t need to have salaried employees to maintain it. It is easily scalable and can grow with your business organically. It is completely location independent allowing workers to be more productive by accessing the entire enterprise telephony infrastructure from anywhere they have online connection.