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Yealink CP925/965/935W – Call Forwarding and Diverting

Call Forwarding on the CP925/965/935W

While the CP925/965/935W telephones are designed for call conferencing, you can also use them to receive and forward calls. 

There are four forwarding methods when you are not available to answer calls:

  • Manual forwarding – you need to enter a phone number or select a contact to forward the call to.

  • DSS Key forwarding – you configure a specific number or contact and can forward the call to him with a tap of a DSS key.

  • Automatic forwarding – calls are forwarded automatically when you don't answer or busy with another call.

  • Diverting Calls  – calls are forwarded automatically from a particular contact to another contact.

If you need to receive calls from specific numbers while automatic forwarding is enabled you have the option of configuring Authorized Numbers.

You can also forward calls using a Telebroad dial code as described here.

Forwarding an Incoming Call Manually

You can manually forward the call to another contact while your phone rings.

To forward an incoming call to a contact:

  • Tap   .

  • Do one of the following:

    • Enter the number you want to forward the incoming call to and select Forward.

    • Tap   (Directory) and select a desired contact to dial out.

    • Tap   (Call history) and tap the desired record to dial out.

The phone prompts a call forwarding message.

Forwarding All Incoming Calls Automatically

You can set up your conference phone to forward all incoming calls automatically using one of the following forwarding types:

  • Always Forward Forward all incoming calls (unanswered or busy).

  • No Answer Forward Forward all unanswered incoming calls.

  • Busy Forward  Forward incoming calls when you're already on a call.

If DND is enabled on your phone, incoming calls will not be forwarded automatically even if you configure the No Answer Forward feature.

To forward all incoming calls:

  • Access the Control Center by swiping down from the top of the screen or by tapping    on the bottom of the idle screen. Select Features>Call Forward (on the CP965 tap Settings first.)

  • Select and enable Always Forward, Busy Forward, or No Answer Forward.

    • Do one of the following:

      • Enter the number you want to forward calls to in the Forward to field.

        You can also enter a recipient's SIP URI or IP address in the Forward to field.

      • Tap   (Direcory) and select a desired contact to dial out.

      • Tap   (Call history) and tap the desired record to dial out.
  • If you select No Answer Forward, tap the After Ring Time field to select the desired ring time to wait before forwarding.

  • Tap  .

The    icon on the status bar indicates that call forwarding is enabled.

To disable call forwarding on all incoming calls simply navigate back to Settings>Features>Call Forward and select and disable the relevant forwarding type.

Forwarding Calls with a DSS Forward Key

DSS ( Direct Station Selection) is a type of soft key on your phone that can be programmed to perform a certain function. In our case, we can configure a DSS key to forward a call to a specific contact. 

To configure a DSS key for forwarding a call:

  • On the idle screen tap   (Dsskey).

  • Tap and hold the desired line key to display editing options for it.

  • Select Key Event from the Type field.

  • Select Forward from the Key Type field.

  • If your system administrator has set the forward mode to Custom, select the desired line.

  • Do one of the following:

    • (Optional.) In the Label field, enter a string that will show on the screen to identify the forwarding number.

      Enter the contact number you want to forward the incoming calls to in the Value field.

    • Tap   (Directory) and select a desired contact.

  • Tap .

Now when the phone is ringing, you can tap the DSS key you configured to quickly forward the call to the specific contact.

Diverting Calls

This is another automatic call forwarding feature, but instead of forwarding all incoming calls, only calls from a particular contact are forwarded to another contact. 

Diverting has precedence over call forwarding. This means that calls from any particular contact you configured for diverting will keep getting forwarded to the associated diverting number/contact and not to any number or contact you specified for automatic call forwarding. 

To configure call diverting for a particular contact:

  • Tap   (Directory) on the idle screen.

  • Tap the desired contact and select   (edit).

  • Enter a number you want to divert the call to in the Auto Divert field.

  • Select Done.

Forward Authorized Numbers

Call forward is can be configurable via the web user interface at the path Features>Forward & DND.

Here you can list authorized numbers that the phone will not forward even when automatic forwarding is enabled. This allows you to receive calls from important numbers while still forwarding all other calls.

To configure the forward authorized numbers via the web user interface:

  • Access the web user interface as explained here.

  • Click the Features tab and select Forward&DND on the sidebar.

  • Select Enabled from the pull-down list of Forward Emergency.

  • Enter the numbers in the Forward Authorized Numbers field using commas for multiple numbers.

  • Click Confirm to accept the changes.