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Setting up a Three Way Conference Call

Setting up a phone conference to talk to several parties at once is very easy the using the phone’s local conference feature. 

Setting up a conference

You can set up a conference using either the Conf or Join soft keys. 

Using the Conf soft key:

With this method you can set up a conference from scratch.

  • Call the first party. You can either dial the phone number directly or search for the number in the Contact Directory or Call Lists.

  • Press Conf soft key to create a new call.


    The active call is placed on hold.

  • Call the second party.


  • When the second party answers, press the Conf soft key again to join all parties in the conference.

Using the Join soft key:

With this method you set up a conference from already existing calls.

  • From an active call use the Up and Down keys to switch to a desired call on hold

  •  press the Join soft key.

  • A conference is created with active call, the call on hold and yourself

Splitting a conference call

Splitting a conference call will put both you and the involved parties on hold. To split the conference press the Split soft key. Use the Join method to reestablish the conference.  


Holding and Resuming Conference Calls

To place a conference on hold press the Hold soft key. To resume the conference call, press the Resume soft key. 

When you place a conference call on hold, everyone participating in the conference are placed on hold.

Ending a conference call

End a conference call by pressing the EndCall soft key or hang up.

By default ending a conference will remove you from it, effectively hanging up the call from your end. But it will keep the other participant connected to each other allowing them to continue talking.