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PUT/Speeddial (use also for BLF)

With the PUT/speeddial request you can create a new speed dial or Busy Lamp Field (BLF) button or update an existing buttons for any physical phone that is associated with your TeleConsole account. For the the new or updated button to work on the phone it must be rebooted. We have rebooting instructions for the majority of phones we support. See respective phones user manuals.


There are no parameters in the header. All parameters go in the body in JSON Raw format.

Use a blank or 0 value to create a new button.

Use an existing ID (obtained from the GET/speedials request) to update an existing button.
string(optional) Self explanatory - a description of what the button does or whom does it dials.

(optional) The source type. It should always be "phone" for a specific line or blank value for shared speed dials. 

string(optional) Source number. Specify the telephone number the speed dial will apply for or leave a blank value for shared speed dials.
integerThe number of the speed dial button.  Use the GET/speedials request to see which button is available.
string(optional) Destination type. Normally empty string.
stringThe destination number dialled with the the speed dial or BLF button.
stringThe name of the destination recipient receiving the call dialled with the speed dial or BLF button.
stringOmit or leave blank for designating the button as a speed dial (the default choice). Use "blf" to designate the button as a BLF. 


Creating a New Button

To create a new speed dial number on button 2 that will call 1-646-555-4445 use the following syntax:

HTTPS method: PUT




{"sdial":"2",  "description":"My main contact with the MVI supplies", "id": "", "dnumber":"16465554445", "dname":"Claire Anderson"}


The response contain the ID of the new button -


    "error": null, {  

        "result": { "id": "47858" } }


But if you try to create a new button over an existing one you get an error message - 


    "error": {

        "code": 444,

        "message": "Bad request"



Updating an Existing Button

To update an existing a new speed dial number with ID 47858  use the following syntax:


{"sdial":"2",  "description":"My main contact with the MVI supplies", "id": "47858", "dnumber":"16465554472", "dname":"Claire Anderson's new number"}


A "null" error indicates successful update. 


    "error": null,

    "result": "true"


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