The GET/voicemail method returns a list of voicemail messages for a particular mailbox. 

Each listed message includes the following fields of information:

  • ID - a particular number identifying the message.
  • time - the time the message was recorded (in Unix timestamp format).
  • duration - its duration (in seconds).
  • mailbox - the number of the mailbox the message was left on.
  • caller - the number of the caller.
  • callerid - the caller ID of the caller.
  • callerid_ext - the extension of the caller (if call was internal).
  • name - the file name of the voicemail - this name is generated by the system and is important for the get/voicemail/file method.
  • dir - the directory of the message (either INBOX or SENT).
  • read_by - the name of the user who read (listened to) the message, if any.


All parameters go in the header.

mailboxstringIndicate the number for the mailbox for which you want to have messages listed.
BooleanUse this to sort the list in descending order
dirstringThe directory for which the messages will be listed, either INBOX or SENT
*startintegerThe  starting time for displaying the messages in Unix time.
The ending time for displaying the messages in Unix time.
Specify the number of voicemails to be returned by the request.
Specify the first voicemails to display. For example an offset of 3 will start the list on the 3rd voicemails. If left empty the default will be the first record.

*Use start=0 and end=-1 to display all voicemails.


To show all messages for mailbox 113840 in a descending order use this syntax:

HTTPS method: GET


{"error": null,
    "result": [
            {"id": "5958165",
            "time": "1505418688",
            "duration": "3",
            "mailbox": "1113840",
            "caller": "MATTS PIZZA",
            "callerid": "16314738423",
            "callerid_ext": "16314738423",
            "name": "voicemail_1505418688_

            "dir": "INBOX",
            "read_by": ""
            "id": "5669393",
            "time": "1503057081",
            "duration": "107",
            "mailbox": "1113840",
            "caller": "1113839",
            "callerid": "1113839",
            "callerid_ext": "16466991356",
            "name": "voicemail_1503057081_

            "dir": "INBOX",
            "read_by": ""

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