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How to Activate DND and Disable Notifications?

There are times you may want to not be bothered temporarily by incoming TeleConsole communication. To do this you can send calls directly to a mailbox by activating Do Not Disturb and/or stop getting notifications about communication.

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb is available from your profile. To access your profile, tap    on the top left corner. The button is available from any TeleConsole screen. 

If you have changed your profile picture, the picture you selected will appear in place of the icon. 

Toggle Do Not Disturb on if you temporarily can't be bothered to answer calls. 

When activated, your TeleConsole calls will go directly to voicemail. Also, fellow agents from your company will see Do Not Disturb next to your name in their contacts.

If you have more than one phone line on your account, DND applies to all of them. You cannot enable or disable DND for each line separately.

Note that activating DND on the TeleConsole has no effect on calls to your mobile number. It only stops calls to your TeleConsole number. Do Not Disturb for your iPhone calls need to be set up separately from either the iOS settings or Control Center as explained here.

  Enabling Do Not Disturb on your mobile phone or device has no effect on your regular office phone. Your office phone will keep ringing as usual until you enable Do Not Disturb on it separately using your office computer or the phone's own settings.


With each new communication (received or missed),  the TeleConsole will display a notification about Voicemails, SMS messages, faxes, and missed calls. Depending on your iOS setting the notification will appear in the Notification Center, Lock screen, or as banners. 

With a large communication volume, this can be distracting when you are not using the TeleConsole. Even if DND is enabled, you will still get some notifications.

To temporarily disable notifications follow these steps:

  • Tap    on the bottom right corner to access the TeleConsole's settings.

  • The settings screen is divided into three categories - Channels, General, and Local Settings.

    Scroll down to LOCAL settings and tap iPhone Settings.

  • The screen that will open is the iPhone Settings'for the TeleConsole.

    Tap Notifications.

  • Toggle off the Allow Notifications button.

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