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Poly Trio – Conference Call

A Trio phone can manage up to 12 conference calls, each with up to five participants. You can have only one active conference call at a time. 

Initiating a Conference and Adding Participants

You can initiate a conference by adding participants to an active call or by merging a live call with a held call.

To initiate a conference:

  • Call a contact.

  • After the contact answers, select Add.

  • Enter another contact’s number or select a contact from Contacts or Recent Calls.

    The system adds the contact to the conference call after the contact answers.

  • Add additional participants by repeating the previous two steps.

To add additional participants to a conference:

  • During a conference call, select Add Participants (on the Trio 8300 press the Add softkey.)

  • Do one of the following:

    • Enter a contact’s number.

    • Select a contact from Contacts or Recent Calls and select Dial.

  • When the contact answers, the phone adds the contact to the conference call.

Merging Calls into a Conference Call

You can merge an active call and a held call to initiate a conference call.

To merge calls into a conference: 

  • In the Calls screen, choose a held call.

  • Select (Merge).

Ending a Conference Call

You end a conference by selecting Hang Up.

When you end a conference call, by default your connection to the call ends and the other participants in the conference remain in the call. Your system administrator can set up your phone so that all connections terminate when you end a conference call.

Conference Management Options

Note that the conference management feature may need to be enabled by your system administrator. 

Holding and resuming: Place the conference on hold by selecting Hold. This will place all participants on hold. Resume the conference by selecting Resume

Mute a conference participant: To mute an individual participant choose the participant and select Mute. The muted participant can hear everyone, but no one can hear the muted participant.

Mute all participants: To mute all participants choose the conference name and select Mute All. This means the entire conference is muted and nobody can hear any other participant until you resume the conference.

Mute your microphone: To mute the microphone on your Poly phone press the Mute button (marked by ). You can hear all other participants but the other participants cannot hear you. The Trio 8300 model has only one mute button to the right of the keypad. The CP60 and 8800 models also have a mute key on each speaker/microphone (see Trio C60 Keys layout and Trio 8800 keys layout.) See more about muting calls here.

Remove a Conference Participant: To remove an individual participant choose the participant and select Hang Up.

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