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Porting Your Numbers to Telebroad

Porting is the process of moving your phone numbers from an existing provider to Telebroad. The idea is that you keep the same phone numbers as you switch to Telebroad with your clients not noticing any difference in their ability to contact you.

Porting is an FCC-regulated process and in most cases your existing provider cannot refuse your porting request. It is advisable however you contact us first to discuss your business needs and to examine your situation. After that we will send you the proper documents to begin the process, including LOA Letter of Authorization. If you are porting a toll-free number it may require an additional form. 

Submitting porting requests will also soon be available directly from the Phone Numbers screen of our Admin Center portal.

  Please also refer to this article for additional advice about the information and details you need to prepare, including a porting PIN.

The process itself can last between several business days and three weeks. During this period, you will keep the service at your existing provider and work with a temporary number on our systems to get familiar with the features and services we offer. You can ask your existing provider to forward your calls to your temporary number with us.

We will notify you when the porting is successful. You should test your numbers to make sure they are working fine and only at this point you can end the service with your existing provider (if you do so before this point you may risk losing your numbers!)

Incorrect information may delay the process, so please pay close attention to the details you provide when filling a porting request. To assure accuracy it is advisable you obtain all the relevant details from your existing provider. Additionally, it is important you don't have any past-due bills with your current provider. 

Most causes for porting request rejection can be easily addressed and Telebroad will help you resolve any rejection, should one occur. 

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