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Call Forwarding Dial Code

  Telebroad system features only work if you have an active Telebroad account! If you don't have one, please contact us to get you started with one of our service plans. Otherwise please contact Poly support or your current business communication provider for assistance.

With call forwarding, you set up a phone number where all your incoming calls will be automatically forwarded to, handy when you are away from your desk for some time. 

When the feature is enabled you will be able to make calls but you will not receive calls or voicemails on the phone that forwarding is applied to.

The feature only applies to the phone it is activated on. You can still receive calls and voicemails on any TeleConsole client you are logged to. TeleConsole clients have their own forwarding option that you can use if the Telebroad dial code is not working. See the relevant TeleConsole articles for AndroidiOS, and Windows/macOS/Web.

Calls cannot be forwarded to an overseas number.

While the feature is active, your telephone will ring briefly to alert you when someone calls you.


To activate call forwarding:

  • When the phone is idle, dial *72.

  • Dial the telephone number to which your calls are to be forwarded.

  • If the call is answered, make sure to stay on the line for five seconds.

  • If the line is busy hang up and redial *72 followed by the phone number.

  • You will hear two beeps confirming the feature is enabled.

You can reconfirm the feature is enabled by redialing *72. If forwarding is active, you will hear a busy signal.

To deactivate call forwarding: 

  • When the phone is idle, dial *72.

  • You will hear two beeps confirming that Call Forwarding has been disabled.