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Yealink CP925/965/935W – Parking and Retrieving Calls

Call Parking Usage

While the CP925/965/935W telephones are designed for call conferencing, you can also use them to receive and park calls. 

When you park a call, it is placed on hold and you can retrieve it from another telephone in your office.

Call parking is also useful when a call needs to be transferred to a person that is not at their desk. A receptionist can accept the call, park it, and use the office overhead paging system to make an announcement to the person about the extension where the call is waiting for him at. The person can then use any nearby phone to retrieve it.

There are three methods supported by CP telephones to park/retrieve calls. Your system administrator may need to enable or pre-configure these methods. If the parking against an extension method is enabled the parking lot method is disabled, and vice-versa.

If the parked call is not retrieved within a certain time period assigned by the system, the phone that parked the call will receive a reminder call back.

Parking a Call Against an Extension of your Choice

You can park a call directly against your own local extension or a different extension on the system. 

To park a call directly and select an extension:

  • Tap  >Park during a call.

  • Do one of the following:

    • If you want to park the call against your local extension, tap #.

    • If you want to park the call against a different extension, enter the extension (for example, 4606) and tap #.

  • A voice prompt will confirm that the call has been parked successfully.

To retrieve the call, simply select Retrieve (or  >Retrieve) on the dialing screen. Follow the voice prompt and tap # to retrieve the call from your own phone or enter the extension where the call was parked followed by # (for example, 4606#) on any other phone.

(These retrieval instructions are for Yealink CP telephones or a telephone with compatible firmware, but they should work in a similar manner on any Yealink phone where parking/retrieving has been enabled.)

Parking a Call to a Shared Parking Lot

Your system administrator can configure the parking feature so calls are parked in a shared parking lot instead of being associated with an extension.

Usage is similar to as explained above. Simply tap >Park during a call. The call will be transferred to the shared parking lot and the system will provide you with a specific park retrieve code.

To retrieve the call, simply select Retrieve (or >Retrive) on the dialing screen and follow the voice prompts to enter the park retrieve code.

Parking/Retrieving a Call Using a DSS Key

You can configure DSS keys to quickly park or retrieve a call against a pre-selected extension.

To configure a DSS key to park or retrieve a call:

  • Tap   on the bottom of the idle screen.

  • Long tap the desired line key you want to configure.

  • Select Key Event from the Type field.

  • To configure the key to park a call, select Call Park from the Key Type field.

    To configure the key to retrieve a call, select Retrieve Park from the Key Type field.

  • (Optional.) Select the desired line from the Account ID field.

  •  (Optional.) In the Label field, enter a string to identify the park/retrieve key and target extension.

  • Do one of the following:

    • In the Value field, enter the target extension where the call is to be parked to or retrieved from.

    • Tap   (Directory) and select a desired contact's extension where the call is to be parked to or retrieved from.

  • Tap    to finish the configuration.

The park/retrieve key can also be configurable via the web user interface at the path DSSKey>Line Key.

Using the Park/Retrieve DSS Keys

During a call simply tap  >Dsskey and select the DSS park key configured above, to park the call against the specific extension associated with the key.

To retrieve a call from a specific extension, tap   (Dsskey) on the idle screen and select the retrieve key configured above.

Park/Retrieve Keys State Indicators

The icon and color of the park/retrieve key change to indicate the state of the parking/retrieving operation. It also shows the availability of the target extension (idle or ringing).

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