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Restarting Your Phone

Periodically, you may need to restart your phone to  accept a new configuration or new software. For example when creating a new Speed Dial or BLF setting your phone will need to be restarted before it acquires the new settings.

Restarting your phone may also help in fixing operational problems. But in most cases it may be possible to restore normal operation of your phone without restarting. Hence you should contact your system administrator before attempting a restart.

Call lists are automatically cleared when you restart the phone.

There are two ways to restart your phone:

  • Press the Menu key, then select Settings > Advanced > Restart Phone

    Accessing this menu require you to enter the administrative password.

  • Simultaneously press and hold Speakerphone, Hold, and the Volume Keys for more than 3 seconds or until a beep is heard.


Either way the restart process will begin and is complete when an idle display is shown.