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The PhoneBridge integration connects a Zoho CRM account with Telebroad's VoIP services, giving the CRM user some powerful communication features.

All of the added functions work directly from the Zoho interface and include making calls by clicking any Zoho contact phone number, automatic logging of a user's phone calls to his Zoho's calling activity records, and a pop-up window for incoming calls with the choice to pull up the caller's details or add notes to his file.

Setting Up the PhoneBridge

The PhoneBridge runs as a tab from your web browser of choice. It works on both desktop and mobile browsers.  

Follow these steps to enable or disable the integration:

  • Access the PhoneBridge activation screen by either:

    • Copying(or clicking) this link to your web browser - zoho.telebroad.com/login.

    • Select Apps from the top menu on Telebroad's home page.

      If you are using a mobile device tap to access the side menu before selecting Apps.

      Scroll down to the second section of the page ("Apps and integrations for your daily needs"), click the PhoneBridge button to open an information window, and click GET IT NOW.

  • Enter your Telebroad's User name and Password on the activation screen and click or tap SIGN IN.

  • In the settings screen that opens select the phone line to be used in the integration from the Please select your phone line drop-down menu.

    You can check the Do not auto-answer click to call box. When enabled, instead of making a call and waiting for the recipient to pick up, the extension will first call the user, and ones the user picks up its will make the call to the recipient. 

    If you want to switch to another user's account click the Sign-out link to get back to the initial activation screen

  • Click or tap Enable Phone Bridge.

  • You will be prompted to sign in to your Zoho account using an email address/mobile number and password.

  • You will be asked to provide Telebroad permissions to your Zoho account. Click Accept to grant those permissions. You only need to do this once, unless if you delete the related site preferences in your browser or switch to another account.

  • A message window will indicate the integration is now enabled. Click OPEN ZOHO CRM to launch the CRM in a separate tab and click CLOSE to dismiss the message. You can also do so from the https://crmplus.zoho.com/ URL.
  • The settings screen will show again but with the option to Disable Phone Bridge if you need to do so for any reason.

    You can also change the auto answer setting or sign out to switch to another account.

    You can access this screen at any time from the zoho.telebroad.com URL.

  • On the Zoho CRM tab, your browser may ask you to ENABLE notifications. This allows you to be aware of incoming calls even if you have switched to another program or app.

    You can control this by clicking the padlock icon () in the address bar and selecting Site Settings.

If you are having any issues with making or receiving calls simply disable and enable the PhoneBridge and refresh the Zoho CRM browser tab. You may be asked to provide the access permissions again. 

Outbound Calling

click to dial works with your IP desk phone or with the TeleConsoel apps on your computer or mobile device. This means that every time you make a call you will be leaving the Zoho interface to use the calling software and have to switch back to it once the call is concluded.

To place a call using the PhoneBridge first navigate to the contacts page. 

The icons next to each contact's phone number now appear as   (this is a good visual indication that the integration is active.) Hover your mouse over an icon next to a contact you want to call. The icon will change to  . Click or tap it to initiate a call with the contact.

A call window will open up at the bottom of the screen with details of the contact. The window can be dragged left or right or minimized by clicking. The window will indicate the call is "connecting" and once the call is answered will display the duration of the call.

You can also place an outgoing call to a contact from its OVERVIEW page (accessed by simply clicking the contact) or from the SalesSignals screen (see below).

Call Description and Follow Up Action

After the call is answered you can click in the Call Description field to enter a note about the outgoing call.

when the call is completed you have the option to add one of three possible follow-up actions - a call, an event (a notification about a location and a time slot for specific participants), or a task (a to-do reminder for yourself). 


Click Done to conclude the call.

If you have added a follow-up call, a pop-up window will appear at the call's scheduled time. Clicking Call will dial the contact form using the Phone Bridge. Click Later if you need to reschedule the call.

To see or edit the description of the call go back to your Zoho Contacts and select the contact whom you just called. Scroll down or select his Closed Activities section and find the relevant call based on time and date. The description appears under the Outcome Of Outgoing Call section. You can click on the field to edit it.

Inbound Calls

A pop-up call window will appear for Inbound calls placed to the phone line selected in the PhoneBridge settings screen. The window will appear no matter what screen of the CRM you are using. If you have switched to another browser tab or completely different application make sure to have your browser notifications active to keep on top of incoming calls. 

Note that the caller ID is The phone number of the caller is cross-referenced with your CRM records. If he is an existing customer you can click the name or account at the top of the window while the call is ringing or after your answer. This will open the relevant contact or account page in a separate tab, so you can review the caller's details before or while speaking with him.


Click in the Call Description field to enter a note about the incoming call. Click to open a menu that allows you to create a new lead or a new contact record for the caller or add his information to an existing lead or contact.

To see or edit the description of the call go back to your Zoho Contacts and select the contact who just called you. Scroll down or select his Closed Activities section and find the relevant call based on time and date. The description appears under the Reason For Incoming Call section. You can click on the field it to edit it.


SalesSignals for Missed Calls

The SalesSignals is a feature that provides real-time notifications from leads, contacts, or potential customers. It works with all the available Zoho CRM channels and services. The relevant channel in our case is the Telephony channel where you can see notifications about calls you missed while away from your computer or mobile device.

Click   on the top-right corner to open the SalesSignals panel. The button shows a counter indicating the number of new SalesSignals. Missed calls signals for a particular contact are marked by .

Click any missed call signal to expand it. All missed calls for the contact will be displayed chronologically as well as the contact details. You can click    next to any missed call to call the contact back.

If you don't see any missed calls notifications click Settings at the bottom of the SalesSignals window, check the Missed Signal box of the Call service, and click Save.

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