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Managing your Account in the Admin Center

The TeleConsole vs the Admin Center

The TeleConsole account menu (see Desktop/Android/iOS) lets you do some basic account management like editing your profile details and user name and resetting your password.

For everything else you would need to use the Telebroad Admin Center, an online portal for building, managing, analyzing, and operating phone systems and call centers.

While it was designed with administrators in mind, it also provides regular users with advanced TeleConsole management options editing extensions, managing phone lines, setting up call forwarding, blocking numbers based on caller ID, assigning DID, changing voicemail PIN, settings, notifications, greetings, and much more.

Keeping it Simple

While (as a basic user) you will only be able to access the Users & Phones screen of the Admin Center, this screen still has 5 setting categories and no 16 sub-categories.

Understandably, this wealth of options and settings can be overwhelming, but most users will find it more than sufficient to just focus on the User Profile and Voicemails options for the majority of their daily needs.

Admin Center Access and Password Reset

The Admin Center is a web application. Access it from the Telebroad home page under the Login menu or by entering  https://account.telebroad.com in your web browser.

For credentials use the same username and password as your TeleConsole account.

If you forgot your password you can change it from the TeleConsole profile (found under the account menu), or see this article about how to change your password from the Admin Center.

Admin Center Roles

Your phone system role in the admin center determines your access privileges to it and the features relevant to your TeleConsole account.

There are three default system roles:  Account Owner – has access to all the features, options, phone lines, and user data of the Admin Center, Basic User – can only access and modify his own phone lines, Restricted User – cannot access to the Admin Center.

An administrator can create additional roles with various degrees of access privileges to accommodate specific needs.

Most TeleConsole users are assigned a Basic User role to the Admin Center. With this role they don't need to worry about changing anything on the phone system by mistake.

The Users & Phones Screen

When you sign in to the Admin Center as a Basic User you will only be able to access the Accounts Menu and the Users & Phones screen and the only user you will see is yourself.

The Users & Phones screen shows your basic information Name, Ext. (extension), RoleUsername (usually identical to your email)and your registration status with the TeleConsole (green for online and red for offline).

The Accounts Menu on the top-right shows your name, company, and profile picture. The menu also lets you switch to other accounts (if you have their access credentials), launch the TeleConsole, or sign out of the Admin Center. 

Select   on your profile picture to Change or Remove your profile picture. Removing the picture will replace it with the initial of your first name. To change additional details on your profile use the User Profile settings (see below.)

Users & Phones Settings

There are five settings categories available when you select your account on the User & Phones screen. The User Profile and Voicemails are the ones most relevant to basic users.

User Profile

You can view and modify the same details here as found under the Profile screen on the TeleConsole like First Name, Last Name, Email, Time zone, and Mobile phone number. You can also add a Company, but that will only show in the Admin Center under the Accounts menu. There is also the Role field, but only an administrator can modify it.

In the TeleConsole your Email and Username fields are combined and you can only change both (making your email your username). But here you can also set up a separate Username, which might offer some extra security. 

  If you have a username that is different from your email, then you will only be able to use the username to sign in.

You can change your password in the Change Password and Confirm Password fields. This will change your password for both the Admin Center and the TeleConsole. After changing the password you will need to sign in back to the TeleConsole but the Admin Center will keep you signed in with the new password.


Extensions are short, typically 3-5 digit, numbers assigned to your phone line to make it easier and quicker for other phone system users to call you or for for external callers to reach you.

Only an administrator can change the extension number, but as a user you can change the routing of the extension, associate a caller ID name with it, change on-hold music, enable call screening, select schedules, and block or route calls based on their caller ID.

You can read more about extension settings here

Direct Phone Numbers

Telebroad's phone system is a cloud-based PBX, meaning users are initially only assigned an internal phone line or extension. Inside the company, users can reach each other by dialing these lines or extensions. But for outside callers to reach users, they need to first dial the company's main number and enter the required line or extension (or use the dial-by-name feature.)

A direct phone number lets outside callers reach users faster and more conveniently using a standard ten-digit personal phone number. The feature is also called Direct Inbound Dialing and it can be used for setting up users with fax or SMS numbers.

If you select   to edit a direct number you can modify the routing destination for inbound calls to the number under the Routing and Forwarding settings sub-category.

Deleting a direct number means it just stops being assigned to the user as a direct number but remains available to be assigned to other users or system functions. 

You can read more about phone numbers settings here

Lines & Devices

These advanced settings let Administrators create new lines and provision and manage physical phones.

A basic user will also find these helpful to configure some features of your phone line like changing the internal caller ID, automatically blocking incoming calls without a caller ID, enabling remote access,  configuring advanced forwarding, and setting up call notifications.

You can read more about Lines & Devices here


While you can view and play your voicemails in the TeleConsole, perhaps the best reason to use the Admin Center is to manage your voicemails. Therefore, to provide more details we have a separate article with summaries and highlights of the major features.