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Use the PUT/myStatus (case sensitive) method to set your TeleConsole's availability status - specifying both the type and message of the status.


There are no parameters in the header. All parameters go in the body in JSON Raw format.

*statusBooleanThe type of status to be set:

Use a value of 1 to set status to available - 

Use a value of 0 to set status to unavailable - 
status_msgstringSelect either an existing status message to be set (not case sensitive) or specify a new one.

*If you don't specify a status field in the request an unavailable status will be used as a default choice.

If using the web version of the TeleConsle, please refresh your browser to see the change in avaiilability status.


To set the Teleconsole's "unavailable" status type with a newly created status message of "Back in office in 2 hours" use this syntax:

HTTPS method: PUT




{"status":"0", "status_msg":"Back in office in 2 hours"}


A "true" response will be returned for a successful change of status:


    "error": null,

    "result": "true"


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