What are Access, IVR, and Group Calls?

Analytics provide information about various types of calls in reports, charts, and the information bar. These include missed, answered, external, internal, transferred calls etc. But what are Access, IVR, and Group calls?

These describe how a call reached a user.

Access calls are calls that reached a user directly via his DID number - a full length phone number that allow external callers to reach a user without having to navigate the PBX system or use the user's extension.

On the other hand, IVR calls are calls the reached the user by callers who dialed the company's main number and used the IVR menu to navigate the PBX system and reach the user's extension.

A client can call a user directly with DID number or he can call the group a user belongs too and get transferred to a user. Group calls simply indicate calls that first arrived at the group of the user before he or another user answered them.

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