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Poly VVX 250/350/450 – Conference Calling

How Conference Calling Work on the VVX 250/350/450?

When you initiate a conference call you can speak with two or more contacts. While in a conference call you can place the call on hold, resume it, or split it up to separate calls. 

The VVX 250/350/450 can manage a maximum of 12 active or held conference calls at a time.

If your system administrator enables the Conference Management feature on your phone, you can 

manage each participant in the call. With the Conference Management feature, you can mute, hold, and  remove individual participants in a conference call.

  If you don't see the indicated soft key in any of the following instructions, select the More soft key first!

Initiating a Conference Call

By default, you can initiate a conference call with up to two contacts. Adding more participants may be possible depending on system configurations. 

To initiate a conference:

  • Call the first contact.

  • When the contact answers, select the Conference soft key.

    The call will be placed on hold.

  • Enter another contact's number or select one from the directory or the call lists.

  • When the contact answers, select the Conference soft key to initiate a conference with the two contacts.

    (If your phone is set up for single-key conferences, you do not need to select the Conference soft key a second time to join parties to a conference call.)

Joining Calls to Create a Conference Call

You can join one active call and one held call into a conference call.

To join calls to create a conference do one of the following:

  • When you have an active call and one held call, select the Join soft key.

  • When you have an active call and more than one held call, select a held call and then select the Join soft key.

Ending a Conference Call

Select the End Call soft key to end a conference call. When you do so, by default, your participation in the call ends but the other participants in the conference remain in the call (they can keep talking to each other.)

It is possible, however, for your system administrator to set up your phone so that all connections terminate when you end a conference call.

Placing a Conference Call on Hold

Select the Hold soft key to place the conference call on hold. When you do so, you place all conference participants on hold and none of the participants will be able to hear each other. Select the Resume soft key to resume the conference call and allow all participants to hear each other. 

Splitting a Conference Call

Select the Split soft key to split the conference call. When you do so you end the conference call and place the other two people on hold. You can split an active or held conference call. After you split a conference call, you can resume one of the 

held calls.

Managing Conference Call Participants

If your system administrator has enabled the Conference Management feature on your phone, you can manage the conference call participants by muting a participant, placing a participant on hold, removing a participant from the conference, and listing information about a participant.

To manage call participants:

  • Initiate a conference call and select the Manage soft key.

    If you're in the Calls screen, highlight the conference first.

  • Select the participant you want to manage.

  • Do one of the following:

    • Select Far Mute to mute the participant. The muted participant can hear everyone, but no one can hear the muted participant.

    • Select Hold to place the participant on hold. The held participant cannot hear anyone, and no one can hear the held participant.

    • Select Remove tto remove the person from the conference. If there are only two participants (in addition to yourself), this ends the conference call and creates an active call between you and the person still in the call.

    • Select Information to view information about the participant's call status such as the participant's name, number, and call details, including whether the call is muted, held, or is video-enabled.

    • Select Back to exit the conference management function.

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