Why All My Inbound Calls Go to My Voicemail?

If all of your inbound calls go to your voicemail the problem may be with either DND being active or the TeleConsole's Live Calls setting.

Live Calls Setting

The TeleConsole's web version has a setting called Live calls handles by. The options available for the settings are Live phone and Web phone. You select Live phone when you have a physical IP phone connected your computer where you want to receive or make calls from. 

But if you don't have a physical phone, you must select Web phone or inbound calls will be directed to voicemail.  


DND, Do Not Disturb, may be active on either your physical phone or the TeleConsole version you are using. When DND is active your calls will go directly to voicemail.  Try calling yourself and check if you receive a voicemail in your mailbox or check your email if you have the Voicemail to Email feature enabled.

To disable DND refer to the profile screen of the TeleConsole's web version, mobile Android version, or mobile iOS version.

You can also check and possibly disable DND from your physical phone. Depending on your phone model refer to our Polycom VVXphones features, Yealink phones features, or Cisco phones features.

If you have your account running on both the web TeleConsole and a mobile app than calls will ring on both. You can also set DND separately on either to have calls ring just on one destination. 

If you don't have DND on your mobile app, but calls still go to voicemail, check that your device own DND (and not the TeleConsole's) is not activated. This can change from device to device and even from one iOS or Android release to another. 

On most Android devices you will find it in the status bar or in the settings (long press the status bar icon will open the settings).

On some Android devices you can turn it off and on with the volume keys (when the volume is reduced down to mute).

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