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Using Your Phone as an Intercom

Intercom enables you to place an internal call that is answered automatically on the contact's phone as long as the contact is not in an active call. Intercom is a useful feature in an office environment to quickly connect with an operator or a secretary or to monitor the target extension availability status.

In addition to the phone's configuration as explained below, intercom functionality is also possible by using Telebroad's intercom feature code.

State Indicator of the Intercom key

You can get the intercom status by viewing the icon indicator of the Intercom key.

Configuring the Intercom Key and Placing a Call

Intercom Key Configuration

You need to configure a DSS key to function as an intercom key before you can make intercom calls. 

To configure the intercom key:

  • From the idle screen select Menu and navigate to Features > Dsskey.

  • Select the desired line key.

    You can also long press the desired line key to set it.

  • Select Intercom from the Type field.

  • Select the desired line from the Account ID field.

  • Do one of the following:

    • (optional) Enter the string that will appear on the phone screen in the Label field.

    • Enter the target extension number in the Value field.

    • On a T54W phone, highlight the Label or Value field, select Directory, and select the desired contact from the Directory list.

      On a T57W phone, select    and select the desired contact.

  • Select Save.

Placing an Intercom Call

When placing an intercom call, the target phone plays a warning tone and automatically answers the call in speakerphone (hands-free) mode by default. When the target phone has an active call, the intercom call is answered automatically after the active call ends.

To place intercom call simply tap the DSS line key you configured above.

Answering an Intercom Call

By default, when there is an incoming intercom call, the phone plays a warning tone and automatically answer the incoming call. Your system administrator can set a period of delay time before the phone automatically answers intercom calls. 

During the intercom call, you can switch among the Speakerphone (hands-free), Handset and headset modes. 

If your phone is set to answer intercom calls with your microphone muted, you need to press the Mute key (  on the T57W phone or    on the T54W phone) to unmute your microphone before responding to the call.

You can configure the following behaviors when receiving an intercom call:

  • Intercom Allow - allows the phone to automatically answer an incoming intercom call. If you disable this feature, the phone will reject incoming intercom calls and send a busy message to the caller.

  • Intercom Mute - allows the phone to mute the microphone when incoming intercom calls are answered automatically.

  • Intercom Tone - allows the phone to play a warning tone before answering an intercom call automatically.

  • Intercom Barge - allows the phone to automatically answer an incoming intercom call while an active call is in progress. The active call will be placed on hold.

    If you disable this feature, the phone will handle an incoming intercom call like a normal incoming call while there is already an active call on the phone.

    To enable the phone to receive a new incoming call when it already has an active call, make sure that the call waiting feature is enabled on the phone in advance.

To configure intercom behaviours:

  • From the idle screen select Menu and navigate to Features > Intercom.

  • Make the desired changes.

  • Select Save.

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